Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wake Up!

Wake Up!

Perceptions are doctrines of miseries,
Leading to unending chaos;
But every chaos leads to calmness,
There is a price to nearness,

You should be behind your deeds,
Measured every day, your needs;
Experiences are not the ultimate tools for a fight;
Reactions are stimulus, not always right.

You have a tight budget for your life,
You start your journey at your birth;
Miniscule motivation is not just right,
You cannot settle without a fight;
Its you…your life

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

In Time!

In Time!


It was justice denied and someone lost;

It was a guideline misread – who was the host?

It is the You and Me who breaks the law;

They are just strategic and forego!


The wheel of time;

The wave of change,

Today destiny fighting for its own image;

Reengineered life, unending race!


Divinity is the series of protocol;

Sold In the upmarket chain of today’s Gods;

Soul! Out of stock…we are the war lords,

Behold! Those children are lost!?


I see a wheelbarrow in the street,

This street has seen more than history can treat;

I see a life pulled, dragged and moved with great effort,

I see a boat swinging towards heaven – An unknown road!

I see death looming overhead,

Mother’s breast is dry, she needs her bread,

And the savior of humanity in nasty trade;

Many wheelbarrows I saw carrying dead life,

The beginning of another power Strife!!!



Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Unacceptable unaptness unbottoned,
Uncertainity unchained unconsciously;
Unctuous uncultivable underwritten unwillingly,
Unfruitful ungenteel unveiled unchangingly;

The fortunate dies the same death;
Your legacy unbolted- it’s late,
The fire tearing the mud or simply mud;
I am at the centre of life – I breathe!
Past, a history under the dust;
Future, contemplation of memories personified,
Baby steps are waste when it’s big strides,
Every night I shut off life;
Business on the other side of light!
We fight!
Our Right!
From within the crowd and a few hide,
Take your pledge!
Oh! Groom and the bride,
Take your pledge!
Beyond those barbwire and your fight!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ode to a child

Ode to a child
As a child every thought I fought,
Skipped happiness hopes we bought;
Sold in the bazaars that mint leaders,
We fought for our rivers,
There is a land lined with sand,
With diminishing physics and shaky hand;
We still bathed in the rain,
Engulfed in slow emitting pain,

As a man every thought I fought,
Your today – yesterday they wrote,
The tombstone lined – someone’s hope,
One more soldier bite the dust and another rode,
Country man plundered for your growth;
Today when you rest in peace,
Unrest in the street!
Your kind – different breed;
How do you free freedom?
Freedom redefined – surging storm;
Hurricane, typhoon – this place has grown.

Write me off!
Ride the storm,
Collective hallucinations making society strong;
Thorn in the throne,
Few rights and many wrong,
This is where we belong;
The Child is growing, still young!
Is this the end of a feebly written song?

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