Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Sometimes hope is nothing but unfulfilled dreams;
Dreams – hardwired yearnings over time,
Achievement – It never rhyme,
Fulfil only when you are at your prime!
Love has always moved with time,
Love personifies humanity – divine,
New Avatar in the human mind,
Love – the sun still shine;
Love – the pristine deity of human pain,
Sometimes bondage and always in chain!
Sometimes rainbow against stormy rain,
Can also be ugly blood stain?
Sometimes shame!

Cleanse – prove your spirituality!?
Your subject need not be in captivity,
Clean the streets,
The hopefuls are carrying their dreams,
Their food their means;
Wake up!
Clean our river;
Of pirates and diseases,
Our children shiver,
This battle is not yet a war,
The cowboys are not that far!
You know this storm every moon;
There is an end – very soon!
There is an end – very soon!

The injured are taken to the hospital;
And the dead to the morgue,
What about her tonight?
Who will show her the light?
This battle is not yet a war,
The cowboys are not that far!
You know this storm every moon;
There is an end – very soon!
There is an end – very soon!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Blind Spot!

Captain! My Captain!
Cease the day as it comes;
Every moment of time,
It’s yours and its mine!
Make or break;
You Shine!

The list is endless;
Hopes unbound!
It’s never a sin to be restless;
Do not hang your shoes;
Never again feckless!
Deep inside a soul is living,
With dreams – endless!
You are forgiving!

You have surrendered in the past;
To the enemy inside;
You can enunciate again!
Lost your glory!?
The journey can start once more,
Footsteps are but sand;
Those war cries are not vain!
Its time! You stand!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Let it Unfold!

I meander when my mind goes down;
Wander when my thoughts are only sound;
Infinitesimal footsteps from the past,
Few survived the journey few breath their last,
Some yearning buried in my heart,
For death we took birth;
For a life…we all start!

We traverse in the boat of hope,
Suspended in fervent dreams – the rope!
A beginning needed for every start;
Religion is governed only by birth,
Smudged with time – far from the past,
Holistic deduction for a new path,
Love dictates the journey of the heart.
New world bounded by old Turf.

Sunshine cannot be potted,
Earth cordoned and fence dotted,
The ships are built but predilections jolted;
Here is your ticket!
Go find your world,
Loiter in the wilderness!
Find your soul – A heart of gold;
Many climates from today, your story will unfold,
Humanity – again in the molding;
Darkness is an excuse to tomorrow’s sunshine,
Valor can coagulate your frail spine! 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


This is a very popular Poem from my collection and many people has used this poem in different ways to motivate and inspire others. Not sure how you take this poem. Let me ask you one question- Do you need a second chance?
The Poem was written during my school days

I walked to the gate of the old cemetery
a visit to an old friend’s tomb
to tell him that I still long
for his friendship and days bygone.
Rows and columns of lifeless stones
few very old and some so young.
Death showered on all of them
engulfing all hopes , aspirations and feckless shame.

One tombstone caught my eyes
written in gold all at once
the name, year and one more verse
“Alas, I had a second chance”.

“Alas, I had a second chance”
the young dead said.
Are we ready for that date?
Close your eyes, what you read?

Life is short and work too many,
look ahead and you can sense the ringing bell.
No one gets a second chance
when we move to lifeless trance.

Live life and sow good seed,
think again, what it should read?
“Wake me up and I will tell
amazing things, what I did”

Sunday, September 1, 2013


We worked towards a life;
Could have been nurtured to a new height,
A brand new life!
Future is ingrained in old insight.

There when the social stigma plays,
Few living could trace;
They say, “Life is a race”;
Today I have no one to face,
The track is isolated and I am not late;
I am not retired and can gain pace!

Lackadaisically I waited;
With time I faded beyond death,
Human life – you cannot rate!
Fathers look for a child beyond his age,
I have a rage!
To go beyond this cage!


We worked towards a life;
Now I will embrace,
Give shape!
Revive the milieu,
Without you!?

My captivity you surmised:
Success can be late but never denied!
My imaginations today personified,
And is taking shape;
And I am back!

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