Friday, March 29, 2013


I clicked the below photo in a winter evening while in Crewe UK

Your character is not in your eyes,
You can fake all the time,
And take away the shine;
The fool resides inside me,
Hell bound…lost is mine.

Blustery days of fiction,
Irrational fear;
Side long glances,
Silhouette of your hair,
Restless night;
Blinding hallucinations!?
I learned few lessons.

You can settle for more,
Your manuscript cannot ignore a life;
In the distant land the sun still rise,
My darkness is moonless night,
There is a new dawn and there will be light,
Another moment and another fight!

Saturday, March 23, 2013


I am writing something of this sort after a long time. Hope you enjoy the write. The photo was taken in Hyde park during my visit to UK. Yes! i am trying my hand in photography. Cheers


I never expressed my shame!
There was no time,
I ran behind the graph of fame,
Forsaken and disdain;
My retribution beyond grain,
Today sunset and few trickle of pain.
Some aroma never leaves your sense;
Some music,
Some dance,
Sometimes I go back in time,
Tip toed, every moment, I rhyme.

Do you go back?
Dwindling pace;
Connecting dots in your way,
Refurbishing emotions while you stay,
I journeyed till the end,
From death to an infant;
Your new address embossed!
You lost but engrossed;
With time meanings gets lost;
Who survives!?
Who is the host?

Friday, March 22, 2013


 1920x1200 Dark Forest wallpaper
I carry many nights inside me;
Now darkness engulf my days,
Life outsourced to some plonk in some dark alleys;
Thoughts lost in time and space,
I loiter in your dream as ragamuffin you hate,
Visions unfurnished, I remember each date,

Am I too late?
For your heaven’s gate;
Blood is always red,
I am ignorant;
You know the taste,
I am talking about peace,
Of mild sun rays!
Let us re-define togetherness;
I half heartedly stoop;
You are mesmerising;
Your look!
We can still walk by the brook,
God bless the martyrs,
The Martyrs of today are compromised;
Unsheathing freedom…so hard to see.
Hard to be!

The woods lost in the forest;
Stop counting them,
Whom do I blame?
When it rains and the storm follows;
When I see the horizon still lost;
When I hear noises but not your voice;
When I have no choice,

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Live another Moment!

Live another Moment!
The roads are longer than your life;
Time is always good,
Younger than your eyes,
I am mesmerised at times,
By innocent lives!       

You can’t shoulder the world,
It can be at your feet;
Treat every time your heart beats,
For you can lose some while on the street,
You culminate from nowhere;
Try a conversation with your past,
When you chance a meet!

When does fear overpower you?
Love is still true;
Those manuscripts in the museum,
Are species in the zoo!?
When does the defining moment defined?
Rhythm rhymed?
The sun shine carries colors,
Means nothing to the blind

Sunday, March 17, 2013


Times are hard,
They do pass!
Times are tough,
The rivers growing and the sea-rush!!
Find your path;
The jigsaw of life is multifaceted,
The end seems malevolent, a perplexing start.

Exchange a day and lead a life,
Lend your time and some vice;
Few more hours and the sun-rise!
You experience darkness sometimes in light,
Times get hard and sometimes tough;
Encroached by law of the land;
Customized by man!?

A day in the desert;
Evening by the sea;
Night in the greens,
Exchange few moments,
Try pulling your life-strings;
Leave behind colors and other fringe,
Look behind to connect the dots;
And ahead to find the road!

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