Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Book is Available on Flipkart for Indian Buyers

Yes…we have finally reached the Book Stalls from our individual Blogs.

The Book Rousing Cadence is available on Flipkart now for Indian buyers. In case you are willing to buy the book you have 3 options now:

We Apologise in case you see a “Out Of Stock” tag during your visit…There would be stock available soon, you simply needs to revisit. All other options mentioned below. The book would be available in various other platforms in the coming months.

ü  Publishers Website – Rousing Cadence
ü  FlipkartRousing Cadence

Amazon – Rousing Cadence

In case you are willing to leave a comment/feedback or even a review you can do that in the individual websites/blogs of the poets or you can leave your comments in the below links:

Those who are seeing this post for the first time please visit here for more – Rousing Cadence
Thank you for all your help and support during our journey. Thank you for all those mails and feedback. Without you this would not have been possible.

Connect with Rousing Cadence Team 

Twitter Handle: @RousingCadence

Cheers and Keep Winning,

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rousing Cadence - An Experience!

Today is a great day for me. Though I have published my first book “I Am Dirty I Need Washing” sometime back; I am more excited today. This is because, we have done something very unique and the experience in this journey was great. I always knew that getting people to write Poetry for a book which would be published and edited by an unknown soul would be difficult. The tougher equation would be to continuously keep yourself connected to all the contributors who are very good in their own field and some of them are established poets. The most difficult though was to shortlist poets for the book as I had to reject few of them and I am not happy about that.

Now finally the book is out. I am aware that there would be criticism and I am also aware that there could be hundreds different things which we could have done better but again we do not publish a book every day. We have learnt from this book and we will use our experience to venture into newer and better territory for our next as “Rousing Cadence” is a platform for new and untapped talent across India and abroad. I will not move away from this initiative.

As all this has happened within a span of few months I have many people to thank here. However; the biggest THANK YOU should go to the potential of human thinking and technology. We would not have been talking here without the advent of telecommunications and internet which made so many things possible. My thank you to Indiblogger which is a terrific platform for bloggers in India and abroad (though we are all aware of its flaws). The blogging community immensely supported me in this venture and I am very sure this is something they will continue to do.

I welcome suggestion for the book. The simple objective of the book is to reach maximum people and continue to inspire new poets in the long journey that we have decided to take up. You all can play a simple role by letting others know - Help me getting more people to join in this endeavor

Thank You For your Continuous Support.

Few Links, I would like to Share:

·         Official Youtube Video - Rousing Cadence

We have arranged for a giveaway. Again organized by one of the blogger friend Debdatta. Please participate in the giveaway:

Hey! you can connect with us:

Twitter Handle: @RousingCadence

I congratulate Abhishek, Alka, Amit, Jess, Saru and Sohail and Seema for being such a wonderful team and help me take the book to the next level. They all are great writers and more importantly very good human being and I am extremely delighted to work with each one of them.

Cheers and Keep Winning,

My Poem On RADIO – here here here

Connect with me at or

Please Note: We have taken the help of this wonderful website to promote our book

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bad Poetry

This is for all those bad poets like me J

Bad Poetry!

When your rhythm is lost,
You run after zombies and ghost;
You keep your lights turned on,
Ticking and Turning...moments gone!
Bad Poetry!

When you halfheartedly breathe,
Losing sights of those bygone wish,
You break symphony of the beast,
You lost and you retreat.
Bad Poetry!

When your hunger turns to greed,
You see meat beyond meat;
Stupor, you excruciatingly greet,
You misstep and kill the beat.
Bad Poetry!

You participate but never inspire,
You seek revenge in despair;
You rampage the sequestered evil,
Turned yourself – you are the devil.
Bad Poetry!

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Counting Life

Counting Life

There lies the old man behind the church,
He was a young boy and a child one day;
Today he terminated all contract with the living world,
Days under the wrath of the sun, now happier – his soul.

Life can be miserable, Life can be good,
Life can be cowardly; you decide your food;
Life can be Insulated, Quarantined and deprived,
Life is for those who survived,
Life can be devilish, evil and in a cave,
Life can be soulful – While living or dead;
Life in the forest or in your bed,
Revive – It’s never too late!

Life is freedom and life has a rhythm,
Life is divine and life – all the season;
You try for life – never achieve it,
Let it go, live and you receive it;
Life is love in its winter warmth Galore,
Life is love in its summer breeze glamour;

Do not count the years;
The old man lived and died,
Count the life in those years;
Count the life lived without fears;
Count the life lived without tears;
Life lived with dignity and life with conquest;
Sometimes insanity van quest,

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Rousing Cadence - The Story So Far

They say Spice Up when you want to present something to the customer. Customers are fools!. We say let us do it Raw. Let our readers decide for themselves. Ultimately the idea is to reach maximum readers. The goal is to bring Poetry to the masses and we have successfully reached the 1st phase in this endeavor. Now is the time we need to work harder as we are simple poets with no marketing skills, we have a mission and we will do our best. I am aware we have many people who understand the art of reaching people. We would be obliged  by your suggestions. We are already receiving mails and calls suggesting few ideas/plans and we are working on them too.


What is that you expect in a book of Poetry? Love, Life, Abstract, Haiku and many more. We present you with all these and more becoz’ we are a team from varied background and experiences which make Rousing Cadence exciting and interesting; Adventurous and unputdownable.  When I asked Jess (Wikipedia) who is an established Poetess  “What made you join the team – Rousing Cadence and what do you think about the initiative by the team to bring Poetry to the masses?”

This is what she has to say.

I've always loved poetry and anything that has a global/international appeal. I was delighted to be invited by Shamsud (editor of Rousing Cadence) to contribute to the project! I'm definitely in full support of the initiative to bring Poetry to the masses. Poetry is something that will always capture the human spirit and human condition. Poetry also contains a spiritual, personal and social aspect that transcends the mundane world. In an era where text messaging is the norm, I don't see why Poetry (in its characteristically succinct form) cannot appeal to the wider audience...



·         The Book is now available at Amazon : Rousing Cadence (Click here)

·         The book is also available at the Publishers Website : Rousing Cadence


As we have an official release date of 27thJune…The book would soon be available in Flipkart and all major websites across the world with eversion of the book published post 4-5 month  of the paperback.


Finally I would like to thank all the readers/bloggers of indiblogger for their continuous love and support. I would also like to thank visitors from blogadda, sulekha, blogjunta and all those who take out time to read my blog and all the blogs associated to the book.


Why don’t you join the actions in FB where we have more than 100 people joining the excitement - and each one of you make a difference and help us take this book to maximum people as the whole idea of the book is “Bringing Poetry To The Masses” and the franchise “ROUSING CADENCE” would continue.

Connect! Connect! Connect!

Connect with Rousing Cadence Team 


Twitter Handle: @RousingCadence



We are still experimenting on the official Video and would let you know soon -

Cheers and Keep Winning,


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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Rousing Cadence

This is the first intro of "Rousing Cadence" to the outer world.

Singer/Musician Source: Angaraj Mahanta

Cheers and Keep Winning,


Friday, June 22, 2012

Rousing Cadence - Pre Order Available

Dear Friends,


I am very happy to announce that that “Rousing Cadence” is releasing on the 27th of June 2012.  The book is available for  Pre-Order Now.


This book is a concerted effort by seven authors across the globe. This is for the first time published authors and renowned bloggers are coming together and sharing their creativity through this book. It brings forth different thinking and perspectives and unique styles of these authors and is expected to appeal to the wider audience.

Rousing Cadence delivers equal parts love and mystery, adventure and romance with unparalleled quality. Do not be surprised if you get nostalgic after reading few of the poems. The book is packed with powerful ‘Haikus,’ which have added to the beauty of this book. Rousing Cadence is a series and we will continue to introduce you with new writers across the world.

With this book, I hope that our endeavour to bring poetry to the masses has taken its first small step and I am sure that we would continue moving forward with more authors joining hands and enabling this dream to become a success in the near future.

The Book is up for grab now as Pre-Order in the publishers site.







The Book Page :


Connect with Rousing Cadence Team 

Twitter Handle: @RousingCadence





The Book would be available in all the major websites in india and would be available internationally in most of the major websites like Amazon, Alibris etc.



Cheers and Keep Winning,


Shamsud Ahmed

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Turning Point

Rousing Cadence is keeping my away from my usual stuffs. Here is a poem and this talks of recent experiences.

Turning Point
I wonder how life takes a turn;
Beautiful people bring in beautiful thoughts around;
The mind is a workshop of unknown creativity;
Never works during captivity,
Funny aspects of life sometimes get unearthed,
I am given the fruit when I was only looking for the bark.

Where can a warrior go at the peak of the war?
The battlefield is never too far,
Sometimes the war is inside,
And the battle cry comes from the far side;
Are you liable when you kill some of your instincts?
How do you measure incentives of such deaths?
Where is the tombstone and where is the death bed?

Affirmative! I am,
Nihilism! I can tame,
Its darkness when it rains and when it pains;
But I know there is life after every flood,
Happiness is beyond flesh and blood.
Source: google
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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Rousing Cadence - An Introduction

This book is a concerted effort by seven authors across the globe. This is for the first time published authors and renowned bloggers are coming together and sharing their creativity through this book. It brings forth different thinking and perspectives and unique styles of these authors and is expected to appeal to the wider audience.


The book is a testimony to the power of today’s Technology and the reach of Internet. This is because without Internet and Blogging, I would not have been able to connect with the authors across the World, who have done a wonderful job in this book. Maybe this unique book of Poetry – Rousing Cadence would have subsided in an ambitious man’s mind forever.


I would like to introduce you to all the contributors here.


Abhishek Dudeja: Born in the rich culture of Punjab (India), Abhishek Dudeja is an avid blogger and an art lover. Currently pursuing his Bachelors in Engineering, Abhishek has directed and composed music for state level plays. He also writes short stories, articles and poems for


Alka Narula: An Interior Designer by profession, Alka is a poet who portrays emotions connecting it with the threads of nature. A former model, she has also composed lyrics for an upcoming bollywood movie. Alka is the author of soon-to-be released book, ‘Sexual Encounters’ which is based on the true story of child sexual abuse.


Amit Agarwal: A poet who has a vintage touch to his writing and touches reader’s heart with his powerful Haikus. Amit is a businessman who has found his true calling in writing, is exploring the new vistas through his blog -


Jess C Scott: Jess is an author, artist, non-conformist who is dedicated to writing original stories that are both meaningful and entertaining. Most of her work is fuelled by an intense desire to inspire others to favour social and spiritual values over shallow values. Her website is


Saru Singhal: A Company Secretary by profession, Saru writes poems, articles and stories on varied topics. Her creativity in both English and Hindi has received commendable response in a short period of time. Her work has been showcased on many National and International forums. To know more about her and be current with her writings, you can visit


Shamsud Ahmed: Shamsud Ahmed is an accomplished poet and has authored many books, including ‘I Am Dirty; I Need Washing,’ which has been critically acclaimed and has got an overwhelming response from the readers. He has been writing Poems and Short stories for local Journals and newspapers for a long time. These days he is busy scripting Prime Time TV show ‘Zindagi.Com’ which is going to be aired soon. You can see his work at 


Sohail Akhtar: Sohail is a poet at heart and has already authored two books, which can be found on Amazon. His work mostly revolves around love. Currently he is working on his third book. He is a loving father of five beautiful children and aspires to be a bollywood script writer.


Seema Sharma: Seema is an artist who loves painting, bird watching, travelling and cooking. A mother of three, her work touches both the traditional and modern aspects of art. All the artwork for the book has been contributed by Seema. You can visit her website at


Connect with Rousing Cadence Team 


Twitter Handle: @RousingCadence



Buy Rousing Cadence


The book is releasing on 27th June, 2012 and would be available on all major websites including Flipkart and Amazon. Watch this space for more details.



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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Wake Up Call

Wake Up Call
I am convinced now,
There was darkness in my journey till today;
I never saw the beauty along my way,
I did not discern my loved ones and now I pray,
Never bothered to go back to any of my day;
I am a coward and today I pray.

I remember few phone calls and few letters exchanged;
Now I identify the aroma, everything changed,
I linger in this yester year’s street;
I had a life below these newly layered concrete,
Help me remove the blackness of this path,
Help me remove that blackness from my past.

I was never the man that you call now,
There was darkness in my journey;
I never noticed somehow,
I can hear all those laughter’s from the distant land,
Even remember the castle in the sand;
I have come a long way, my friend.

I am drenched in this monsoon rain;
Tear and water oozing in pain,
Who lost? It’s a zero sum game!
I can board the flight but today I will take the train,
Let me trace each moment back to those rain;
Back to my youth and back to Insane,

Tomorrow could be my last breath,
And this, my last read,
Tomorrow can change destiny,
I have seen and lived with hope, so many,
Leaving all that you gained, little uncanny,
Your folks need you and your granny.
Source: jpcadmissions.wordpress
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Sunday Blogging – Rousing Cadence

Sunday Blogging – Rousing Cadence
I am really excited and we are really working hard on the book as we have less the 24 hours before I can send the final copy to my publisher. It is always good to have friends who can help you and I thanks Saru for all her help and support.  We have now closed on 7 Poets across the world and the book would have close to 50 Poems. The Art work for the book is coming from Seema Sharma who very kindly have supported us with few of her artwork.

We have finally decided on the below cover for the book:

We are just 10 -12 days away from the Go LIVE date. The book would be available in all the major websites across the world. 

I would like to thank all the contributors and special thanks to Alka Narula and Saru Singhal for all their help and support.

And yes… you can join us in facebook and connect with us in Twitter.

Facebook :
Twitter   : @RousingCadence

Write to us at

Watch this space for more details on the book .

Cheers and Keep Winning,


Friday, June 15, 2012



Wake Up!

I am your lover and I am the last,

I relied on your belief and your trust!

I am the lone ranger in this desert of death,

Wake up! It’s no time to take rest,

I have got flowers for our bed;

Wake up! We have a journey to make,

This war cannot burn the spirit of a lover,

I will carry you through the sea and the river;
Away from humanity, do not quiver!
Away from this dying city,

Wake up! The time is right;

I am a warrior and I will fight,

Let me fight destiny and restart;

I was only away for a very short trance,

You could have given me one more chance;

The earth is adorned with twinkling light;

Wake up; you love the moon, shining bright!

Today words no more make sense;
I can fly with you forever, I can dance,

Leave behind hell and walk through fire ball;

Thrash death and stand tall.

Wake up!

Wake Up!

Let me thrust you with more oxygen;

Let me run to the arid brook and sprinkle the last drops;

Let me make you warm – alter the season;

Oh! Wake up,

Let me hammer at your chest;

Wild Honey – would you taste?

Wake up!

The rhythm is breaking and I am losing sight;

Today there is no place to hide;

Wake up!

I can see the oozing blood, its burning inside!

We can still make it to the other side;

We can still live a life.

I am your lover and I am the last,

Wake up!

I can’t hold on to life
Wake Up!

I can see the diminishing sunlight,

And the angels ride,

Wake up! One last time,

Let us embrace and kiss and touch,

Wake Up!

I am your lover and I am the last,

Wake Up….!

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So the Campaign is on,
Lol! ha ha ha
Let our president be bold
Lol! Ha ha ha
The politics of Politics;
Handshake and many sold,
The savior from the east,
Lol! ha ha ha
Till yesterday, you were the beast.
Supremely odd I am yet to understand those hides;
Today it’s the sanction and now on the other sides,
Lol! ha ha ha
Bharat! India! Mother!
Humanity in distress, we wonder,
Plummeting economy sidelined,
New negations – together they dined,
People in the street – Who feeds?
Food in the dark ally of your corridor;
Who feeds?
Dirty! Dirtier!
Your politics of death;
You prejudiced living soul;
Prejudiced death in the valley,
Prejudiced the east for your feast;

So your Campaign is on,
Lol! ha ha ha
At the cost of many gone,
Enclosing barbed wire and our son;
Death is cold,
Evil protected by taxing blood,
There is no respite during flood!
Those pristine hills under auction;
Lol! ha ha ha
Super Power of tomorrow! Our vision!?

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Emaciated Wreck

Emaciated Wreck
Let’s talk about the nights;
Do you sleep in quietude?
Turning and twisting, way of life,
Darkness prevails and loss of sights,
We survive every night of irrational thoughts,
Sunlight personifies them as mere jokes;
We strive every evening for a night to ruminate,
Sunlight personifies them as vague,
We dip our fingers into the keyboard of thoughts,
Sunlight reminds us that most of them as hitherto bought.
We dig deep inside our mind to look for fragrant,
Of yesteryear unkempt gen;
Sunlight defines them as mindless and pain.

What about your day;
Do you dwell in solitude?
Howling and groaning, way of life,
Sunshine prevails and reality bites,
We ramble around the alleys of logic;
Heartbeats reserved for some other day,
Moments preserved but never say,
Optimism marinated with reasons for the night,
Pessimisms are duty bound chores – No respite!
At the end of the rate race we are stiil rats;
We are still chased by those ugly cats,
Blinding Nights! What about your days?
Source: google
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Millions of stars switched off today;
To justify the darkness of my life,
Millions of sun burned red inside my soul;
To justify the pain of each bite,
Fish! Fish! Fish!
Life in a cage,
Living! Unmoved! Rest!

I look behind to that young soul;
Stupid enough to commit that crime,
Eons passed and lost count of time;
This old man wants to talk to that youth now,
Rewind and rectify somehow,
Lost years in this cage of time,
Fish! Fish! Fish!
Life lacks rhythm and rhyme.

Maybe I will be out one day,
Maybe I can justify my deeds some day;
Maybe I meet myself one day,
Today I am a fish, crowded in this unpitying pond;
Fish! Fish! Fish!
Here I come and gone.

Source: google
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Monday, June 11, 2012



I am told change is good and I resisted;
I am told change, we should,
And I repelled,
I am full of questions,
Inquiries never been answered,
I wonder where all the firefly has gone;
I spent my childhood chasing them in the darkness,
I wonder if all the changes are good,
Generations from today,
What would be their oxygen and their food?

I wonder where those moving shadows have gone;
I spent my childhood climbing those trees,
Flowers and thorns?
I wonder!
But Change is good?
The sea of humanity flourishing in this maximum city,
Parishes and their lifestyle, pity!
Let us accept one more change,
Bring back home that pristine image,
Let us enjoy that Peacock dance,
Let those tribes go back to their place.

Collateral Damage!
This war within the your land is killing,
Though for the developed soil, it’s thrilling,
There is a whiplash to every change,
We are a part of human race,
Status queue! When the worlds dance;
Signs of humanity in every trance,
Armageddon knows no fence,

I Wonder!

Source: google
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My Poem on Radio