Saturday, October 20, 2012

It could be you!

It could be you!

When I turn the lights on,
I don’t seek for a vista;
I fear darkness!
I circumvent gestures,
I run towards you,
You! Distant moon;
Engulfing beauty in pristine land,
I pause! Lost!?
As if I saw a ghost;
I am thrilled every night,
Escapist, a dreamer,
I hallucinate – A better life,
A song,
Forever and so long,
Am I wrong?
Where can be my heart tonight?
Where do I belong?
So long!
I lost my thorn;
I am old but barely grown,
Pulsating conviction,
Hell! I am blown…

Geared up! Let me borrow for a while,
From that child,
Exchange my file,
A pile,
Of unsung sonnets and lyrical rhyme;
In this crowded habitat I belong to mine,
Overlooked and blind;
I lost my sunshine,
Trickling around my pillows,
Freedom exchanged to pay my fine!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Never Saw

I have never been to the peaks
I never saw the ocean, 
Never been to a land where it resides. 

The River - my companion, 
Never saw the foundation, 
I hope to see the end some day 
Cause I plan to see the sea 

I never saw those eyes, 
But I know the fear within; 
Of loss and hardship, 
When they sail the warship

I never know that language, 
But I can feel the odium; 
I am the kill today, 
Few more breadths, if escaped. 

I will never see the snowflakes, 
Nor the Ocean; 
The River – Not my chum now; 
In this tiny cell – my home now. 

Waiting for my turn in isolation
Darkness sometimes makes you look inside
Sometimes makes you gather courage; 
Courage to die, don’t even know the time and age. 

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Other Side!

Other Side!

Every year the river spreads its wings,
Our home, our food and our things;
Our dreams in hope strings,
The dam!?

The rocks are mesmerizing,
The water wild;
Behold! There is a child,
 Dusty! The old file…

I counter death to face life,
Blood solidified to bond that dike;
Humanity concealed with lies,
They are not dead – the quiescent eyes!

On the other side of death, there is life,
Diminishing land against the tide;
The soldier was too young to bite the dust,
Darkness engulf all the souls here,
The sidewalk filled with light!

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