Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Counting Life

Counting Life

There lies the old man behind the church,
He was a young boy and a child one day;
Today he terminated all contract with the living world,
Days under the wrath of the sun, now happier – his soul.

Life can be miserable, Life can be good,
Life can be cowardly; you decide your food;
Life can be Insulated, Quarantined and deprived,
Life is for those who survived,
Life can be devilish, evil and in a cave,
Life can be soulful – While living or dead;
Life in the forest or in your bed,
Revive – It’s never too late!

Life is freedom and life has a rhythm,
Life is divine and life – all the season;
You try for life – never achieve it,
Let it go, live and you receive it;
Life is love in its winter warmth Galore,
Life is love in its summer breeze glamour;

Do not count the years;
The old man lived and died,
Count the life in those years;
Count the life lived without fears;
Count the life lived without tears;
Life lived with dignity and life with conquest;
Sometimes insanity’s banquets,

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Thursday, July 25, 2013


Old house

Few of them I left behind,
Few friends are sunshine;
My homeland, the known terrain,
My old home is still kind,
Every Closet is filled with memories,
Some enormous and few secret stories;

Those young souls are old now,
I never saw them grow somehow;
Now when I look at life,
It engages and always divides,
The old house has mysterious eyes,
Jingle, tinkle, rattle, clink…
Continuous…the boat of Life. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013


I dived in the sea to catch the sunlight;
I have climbed many mountains with you,
We have tried to catch those stars or to be with them,
Do you remember those days when it rains?
I know the sweetness post all the pains;
Now the roads are narrow and the plonk drains,
There is a road to heaven or maybe hell;
I can follow the path and sail,
But I need to wait for the judgment day;
Here on earth by your bay,
Definitively aren’t cowards! I will stay;
We had our day and you your say!
Hey heartthrob!
Don’t you know?
Hey heartthrob!
Stop! Don’t you know?
When moonshine shimmers your beauty grows;
Heartthrob! I am a criminal, a devil in love,
Hey heartthrob!
My heartbeats wild and in the burning stove!
Kings are gone but I am still your prince;
Nights are not darker any more but I am still your Knight;
The war is over – I am always out to fight;
With my mind, my soul during darkness and in the light,
Heartthrob! I hope you bargained right!?

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