Sunday, February 1, 2015

I don’t know

Fragments of now becomes the page of life,
Endeavoured dreams define success;
Colours within a society are barricade,
Stigmas surrounded by intellectual slavery;
The taste of blood!
Salvaged by time
I don’t know!

Now when the tide within mankind,
Soars to new height!?
Progressive and reluctant,
Refine and still poisonous;
Even the fish cannot survive in distil state;
They need the dirt;
A raw mind to justify our existence,
Time bound life dived to the future;
I don’t know

Pieces of memories stitched for the Book,
Reality in the remote close to tertiary;
Heart breaks are events not to be celebrated;
Strength drawn from the sheave of awareness,
I don’t know,
If the sun in the sky!?
If the moon defines the night;
The stars always in dog fight!?
The soul mastered living;
Or staged a life to participate,
In the act of death,

I don’t know

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