Saturday, February 23, 2013

Few Moments in Time

Few Moments In Time

I live in extreme weightiness,
Sand dunes of time and emptiness;
There is a way out here,
From darkness; light! not to fear;
Today I ll follow the pole star,
I might find the cradle of life,
I sojourn in chaos;
There is a way to calmness;
Pretentious living,
Needs that soothing balm;
There was no sound,
But a jail breaks in Kansas town!

The horses were strong and well fed,
In this war torn land;
Ammunition mastered to the core;
Armageddon in the shore;
The flight from the holy land is a waste;
Blood has colour and taste;
In peace the death rest!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


You resurrect your views,
Who prescribed to them?
Who is cajoled by the news!
Some other day!
Some other time;
We are moving ahead,
Might get late,
The transition would complete soon;
This place would see its real boom,
When the young flower bloom,

There is an insane madness in freedom,
Sometimes it’s good to be unreasonable;
Unbeatable and unstoppable,
Those with a living dream at the death of night;
In darkness there is light,
Death is just without life;
Death is when you do not rise!?
Death is when you sleep when you are right;
Death is when you lack the might!

You cannot bury your hatchet without digging,
Cannot lose without bidding;
Inundated by questions without reasoning,
Life, sometimes needs seasoning,
You cannot bury your hatchet without digging,
Pronounce your verdict without thinking!
The gold standard for bigotry is sometimes just ‘perception’;
A mission page in a glorified lesson?

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