Wednesday, December 17, 2014

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Monday, May 26, 2014

Thin Line

I have not written for a long time and this is my tribute to the 100000 visitors to my Blog. Hope to start writing soon. Thank you all

Stock image of 'Lonely autumn naked tree on night mountain hill top in last sunset light and its reflection in a puddle'

With a handful of hope,
I resort to make a living;
I defy death everyday,
A victim of my thoughts,
Hallucinating success in the pavements of luck,
Is no more an option!
Experiences are not always lesson;

With a handful of trust,
I anchor my boat;
I can see the road,
Beyond the horizon;
I can go back today,
Never to return;
I surmised options not meant for me,
Again the fruits are not savoured by the tree
Rivers never quench its thirst;
The stars knows its course,
They need not see!
My genuflections went unnoticed;

Let it be!?

Tuesday, April 8, 2014




There were occasions of laughter,
Sometimes fun;
Recompensed for the unlearning,
I am still on the run!
I hallucinate everyday;
For a life!
If death has an answer;
Who can revive!?

I seek asylum in my heart,
The path can never be changed;
Taken in the past,
Today I am the crowd,
The city is changing its landscape;
As if there is no time!
I am still looking for an escape.

Every known soul is unfamiliar today,
Every breath punctures a hole;
Every step is a journey,
Tearing through humanity;
Placid child;
Oil in water – Unity!!


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Search!

I went to the hill searching for life,
This place has lost its glory;
Unequal City Unequal divide,
Craters all around; No lights in sight.

I went to the monastery searching for peace,
This habitat has lost its speed;
Thoughtful wishes unfulfilling greed,
I Sojourn here; No lights indeed.

I went to the sea searching for new land,
A hope to start afresh and anew;
Wipe and undo the past filled with lust, Retreat!
Lost in the whirlpool; No lights indeed.

I went to dead searching for life,
A tiring journey at the end;
Life – I found here with open arms .Freed!
I met myself here; Lights indeed.

Sunday, January 5, 2014


Brontide...the thunder inside

All my inhibitions defenestrated today,
I cannot be soothed by your lies;
Instead hurt me with the truth,
Look into my eyes.

I am still the reminiscent of your past,
You moved ahead in time;
When you try to connect the dots someday,
You will find me in between,
You may decide to hang-on or stay;

Let us not fight the tide of time;
The waves are disparaging;
Instead we can harness the wind;
But will take us places,
A new identity is a matter of time,
Characters among unknown will sign;

Remorse from the past;
Attempting to fly off into the wide blue yonder,
This could be our last!

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