My PhotoShamsud Ahmed is an accomplished poet and has authored many books, including ‘I Am Dirty; I Need Washing,’ which has been critically acclaimed and has got an overwhelming response from the readers. He has been writing Poems and Short stories for local Journals and newspapers for a long time. These days he is busy scripting Prime Time TV show ‘Jeevan.Com’ which is on air now.

His books spreads across various generes and caters to everyone's taste which fosters encouragement and empowerment. The Poems are written on the many many things most of us experience in life such as; Relationships, Adversity, Heartache, Childhood, Youth, Adulthood and Love poems including faith, hope and spirituality. Currently he is writing for a primtime thriller for a major TV Channel in the Northeact of India. Shamsud can be reached at

His last book "Rousing cadence" is a concerted effort by seven authors across the globe. This is for the first time published authors and renowned bloggers are coming together and sharing their creativity through this book. It brings forth different thinking and perspectives and unique styles of these authors and is expected to appeal to the wider audience.

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I Am Dirty I Need Washing


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Photo: Reciting poetry of change with a Rousing Cadence

Photo: The launch of poetry book Rousing Cadence by Alka Narula at P.S. Bedi Hall, Chelmsford club saw city’s partylovers in full attendence. The do was be hosted by Sushant Muttreja of Cosmic Group. Highlights of the party were former cricketer Chetan Sharma, who was busy chatting with guests and singer Begum Yaman Khan, who unveiled the book. The poetry book has been edited and compiled by Shamsud Ahmad. (THE ASIAN AGE - Aug. 1, 2012)

Photo: My debut book launch in today's paper

Photo: ROUSING CADENCE edited and compiled by Shamsud Ahmed

My Poem on Radio