Thursday, May 31, 2012

High Time

High Time…

Life screeching absurdity,
Plastic eyes, body that stroll,
Plastic peeping through that soul,
Energy derived from containers of death,
Moon painted bright to overshadow the bribed sunset,

In the distant corner of that shop,
There is a tailor made dress,
The luxury of the mind – I ignored,
Today I will struggle for their bread.
Hold my hand and embrace.

I can smile through pain,
How long it can take my mockery;
It needs to leave me out of shame,
So I mock pain,
My mutilated body in chain;
Sometimes the desert too sees rain.

Oh! Yes
The chieftain gone;
And the lord shone,
The Kings are dead;
Democracy in Bed,
It needs medicament to counter the projectile,
Of million hearts – freedom, youthful and versatile.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wreckage of Life!

Life screeching absurdity,
Plastic eyes, mind that stroll,
Hope peeping through that soul,
Energy derived from containers of death,
Moon painted bright to overshadow the bribed sunset,
Rubble! Rubble!

In the backwater of the furrowed dream,
In the high-rises of today’s tomorrow
In the streets of shattered reveries.
Sunlight and moonshine, we share,
Rainfall and seasons, we share;
Fate designed with complex equation,
Homogeneity of ‘happiness’ and ‘pains’ very rare.
Rubble! Rubble!

Locking and unlocking,
Tiring and testing;
Breathe and sweat in the same plate,
Consciousness metamorphic and rejuvenating!
Our mind always lives in distant land,
Land of hope and aspirations,
Contemplations of a known unknown,
Working from morning through moonlight,
We still hope; we have a life.
Rubble! Rubble!
The Wreckage of life after days in the Strife



You called me fool when I restored the sunshine,
In your heart and showered happiness;
That is all I had – Humility and calmness;
Your bitterness is egotistical and vested
But my love – Time tested!
Today too the world concluded a circle,
Tomorrow our spirit is destined to encircle;
We sometimes ignore the dialogue of our soul,
Sometime we too need an overhaul!

If you failed in the last attempt,
Try and blossom when you rise;
You might not be a seasonal flower,
Who showers and shines every season;
But you do have a reason;
You can be the desert rose,
Who shines late but spreads the ultimate innocence of beauty,
You can be the flowering bamboo, who has its duty,
You can be the shower during the draught;
You can be the harness and sometimes the float.

If you are weak, do not panic;
Buy immunity from the shark,
You can be low and sometimes harsh;
You still polish though you are the prickly brush,
If you have failed to become the diamond,
You can still be the coal and create fire;
Powering generations and your children’s desire,
You pop out of nowhere and destined to infinity;
In between we have a life out of serendipity.

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Life - Cabalistic!

Life – Cabalistic!

The Molting Sun always leaves behind
Its fragrance for the moon to shine,
Passing memories reigns my moments
Mellowed over the years, I believe in Omens!

I believe in the moments of truth,
I rely cripplingly on my exertions fruit,
I cross limits to create new paradigm,
Benchmark for me and for other’s sometime.

I reminisce playing in the Garden of Eden;
‘Cause I believe in re-embodiment;
I believe in true love and involvement,
Till the end and beyond eternity,
I believe in serendipity;

I believe in the road to Heaven,
Hell is where our thoughts metaphors pain;
I believe in living till the end;
Dying beside my loved one’s and friend,
Uncovering the mystery of happiness - Grand!

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Adversity- the Teacher

Adversity- the Teacher
I have been to the school of gen;
To learn the lessons of life;
To understand failures and how to rise,
To cognize the hollowness of affiliations;
And of those interminable dealings and reasons.

I rose to occasions of sunlight,
And have fallen flat during darkness of life;
I decided to learn from adversity,
I stratagem new ways to beat calamity,
‘Cause we sometimes need to decipher simplicity;

The brave fight the battle to Win,
The fools fight to die;
The true leader fights to live,
Learns from adversity – Never retreat;
Adversity is the teacher and adversity – they beat.

Adversity breaks some men;
Some men rise to break records,
If you faint your strength is small,
Pull your socks and be bold,
In the school of life we too grow old.
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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Life's Super Store

This is a wild Poem out of a wild hallucination. Somehow I feel we are slowly transitioning to a different level of humanity and we would not remain the regular homosapians. There is no harm dreaming and I am sure you would agree with me. Need some hard reading….enjoy!. Someone told me that I leave my readers in dilemma after reading my poem i.e my poems are not complete….have I done that again?

Life’s Super Store
Big Bang!
Primordial soul and life sprang;
And then all moved;
Grooved to their free flowing destiny,
And two lives stood beside the Hiddekel,
Who would justify the bloodline – Magical!

We are a part of this superstore called earth;
Nailed to the soil by our birth;
Who engulfs the moon and the sunlight!
Engulfing twilight and stormy night;
Engulfing hell and heaven of our inside,

Engulfing love, happiness and those frost bite;
Engulfing eternity – beyond our site,
Engulfing foolishness of the mere mortal,
Engulfing and omnipresent in total.

We bear the torch so I am the torchbearer,
You bear light and we are enlightened;
We carry a heart and so we are soulful,
You manufacture heart in your heaven’s bowl,

The life once again rises from the primordial soup;
This time dominated by the satan of the apple tree,
To set the human sanity free,
Free from the burden of Love,
Turning us to human robot,
Free from sacrificial act,
Now we never get late,
Free from destiny of a wistful life;
Every destiny now revived;
In the factories of tomorrow;
Though we continue moving, here only times grow;
Leaving us in a state of unmoving and unageing,
Regulated life becomes the spoke of a bigger vehicle,
Modeled in the principle of everlasting pinnacle.

Uageing: A non existent word as literally unageing is not right but i am sure in the future many dictionaries of the world would add that into thier list. I am hoping!

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


This poem is inspired by some recent newspaper articles and some real time experience. I have not worked towards making this poem look and sound beautiful but have worked on the axiology of the poem. Let me know if you like it. The poem itself is simple.


Who blows freedom to the light?
And the mystic twilight play with the night
Blow some to those disdained soul;
Let the moon-light take over their plight.
Why is it that few always stroll?
In the darkness of their soul;
Where few scornful mourners remain bold?

I knew the man who grew medicinal plants;
He perished…
He could not buy the pills;
He had to attend to more important bills.

I knew the hunger in the street;
I have walked those path bare feet,
And when vegetation turns to concrete;
Who should worry for the feed?

Who passed the bill of calamity?
We are animals in this city;
Caged in our modern hutments,
Avoiding sunshine and killing the rains.

You won’t know me today;
Tomorrow I am everywhere,
Home delivery to distant and near;
I sell oxygen in the kiosk, nearby;
Dial or mail me when you want to breathe high,

I sell blood and other parts;
Frozen sperm for that designer birth;
Organic is the delineation of yesterday’s food,
A rare species for the regular cook?!

I sell virginity and love pills,
The sellers of humanity are long killed;
Love is an undercover business,
Sorrows adimpleated freely and you hunt for happiness.

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Fortuitous Life!

Fortuitous Life!

There was once a chance I didn't take;
There was hope I did not make,
I saunter in the wilderness of yesterday;
I run behind in time to make up for those days,

Life is full of if’s and but’s
Where, How, when and what;
I am cognizant about my fate,
There was once a chance I didn't take;

I betrayed heaven and now for the trial,
But I will rise from Ashes and from the wild;
I can rewrite destiny and make my move,
I can decide fate for I am the cook;


I shower with the sunlight,
And happily distribute moon shine;
I sing for the passersby today,
I wink for the child by the bay,
I terminated all contract which brought gold,
I proclaimed myself as the saint – stories untold.

There was once a chance I didn't take,
But today I can still make;
There was once a chance I didn't take,
And it is never too late.

Phote source: flickr
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Monday, May 21, 2012

I Row

The Poem needs some final touch though. This is what I have as of now

I Row!

Waited for a long time for one moment of ecstasy;
And one day, its tomorrow;
Wanted to bury those sorrows,
And one day they grows,
Simplicity of thoughts rampaged;
I row, I row, and I row!
The island of happiness afar;
I am in the cross road, still too far!

The dilemma is in living the seasons;
Dying is just a simple equation;
Frequented by many a coward,
Today the wind is wayward;
And the sun blinding;
I row, I row, I row!
To the bank of those far-sighted dreams,
Its worth waiting; for life always beams.


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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Blogging

Sunday Blogging

Dear Reader,

First of all I wanted to thank you all for your continuous support through reading my work, providing feedback and simply by visiting my blog. This has encouraged me to continue with my book Rousing Cadence.
We have one week to decide on the book cover and you can still help me …here

The book will be available in the following websites in the beginning and later we would have the book in almost all the sites and both paper and ebook would be made available for the readers:

·         AMAZON
·         ALIBRIS
·         FLIPKART
·         CYBERWIT

I would like to thank one more person here. I am getting tremendous support from Saru Singhal right from day one. In fact I am now geared up to take this book to the next level and create a series of Rousing Cadence. And in case you have not read Saru you can start with this masterpiece from her-

I thank all the other contributors who believed in me and helped me in this endeavor. The below are the covers shortlisted and we will close on the final cover next Sunday.

As for today's poem; I share with you one of my very old Poem (Reworked) with some changes. The poem talks of bad coming in various avatar over the ages and the changing face of EVIL. It might take some time for you to get into the pulse of the poem as I have used some very old English but let me tell you its worth the effort.

Debauched Medicament 
The bacchanal abactor is back again,
To play his game with a beele;
Drives his hunt away to the unknown,
This cacogen is wild and rides like a claviform.
Repudiated by his folks,
He is in folklore’s and limericks;
His heroics though reprehensible,
He lives and is a true fabulist.
Today the fandango has changed,
He no more rushes for the wild;
This concrete jungle has more for him,
There is more in the life of human being.

He sneaks in the darkness,
Drives like a claviform in flight;
To hunt his prey – this time cold blooded,
This brings in dosh, loaded.

His is fatidical and happy with his mactation,
No more in folklore and limericks;
But in the gazetter every day,
Hides in the magnality grottos of today.

He is many faces and many names,
With one mission of obliteration;
His mammonism is immense,
His death brings in more manace.

Cheers and Keep Winning,


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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Inspired By Tagore

Dear Reader,
I have been waiting for the certificate from the British Council and today I received this wonderful certificate from British Council for my contribution to the book (Sorry for the poor quality of the scan)

And the most important part is the free book which they have sent to all the selected contributions. The Book is edited by "Anne Cockitt" and " Miriam Pagano".

The book is divided into 2 parts - Writers age 8 -1 6 and writers age 16 and above. This carefully selected masterpiece is a must for everyone. Though i have just started reading, I can tell you that there is something for everyone.

The book has 393 pages and is priced at Rs. 250.

If anyone of you wish to buy the book INSPIRED BY TAGORE, Priced at Rs.250 they should write or visit Ratul Shankar, Udayan, 21A Hindustan Road, Kolkatta 700029.
Phone: 033-24640618


Friday, May 18, 2012


Hush! Hush!

Trail the spot knurly plot
Plank plum jonnie begot
Bold and prowled to maul the blond
Scream and twitted, raunchy song

Hush! Hush!

Hell carved with nail; stalked,
Dial the pail sail the gale;
Buy immunity from the whale,
Curling and winding the path of a tale.

Hush! Hush!

Guard the vessel and the food,
Get the armor and your boot;
Blend your talks with the nectar,
Will you now pass on the jar?

Hush! Hush!

Lord of the ring – beware!
There is a killer in the street;
Now you are stung and you bleed,
Today he wins and you retreat!

Phote Source:
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I know the life it takes to build a life,
Life it takes to bring in Glory;
Life it takes to buy some sunshine,
What it takes to call you mine.

I have a soul I have a voice,
I have a heart and I have a choice;

Elegiac strain slowly piercing my soul,
I know the life it takes to dig some gold;
Definitive abuse of the hooligan within,
I know the life it takes to become bold;

I have a soul I have a voice,
I have a heart and I have a choice;

My detachment from the world;
Pulls me back to the circle of life;
And my body struggle with my mind,
Whimsical optimism against the flowing time!

I have a soul I have a voice,
I have a heart and I have a choice
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The Abominated Trooper

The Abominated Trooper
I rise from the debris of the past,
To delist myself from the list of the dark;
I pull myself from the ghost of my nights,
And resisted the pain of those cries.

And I move,
Crossing fields of gold following the slivery light;
Crossing seas following the pristine star of the north,
And I Run,
Following Life adorned with Patels of happiness,
Following Love in every alleyways of life.

I jostle myself alerting myself of the time;
I strive, I strike and I devise,
My tomorrows – Now!
I encircle and revisit;
Moments of truth – Somehow,
I grow – Blow by Blow
Effacing mistrust brow by brow;

There are more ordinary lives in the vista!
Phote source: pxleyes
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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thought Veil

Thought Veil!

I love the sunlight which veils the earth;
With utmost adore,
With love spread across the sea and ashore,
The moon joining the revelry late,
And camping though out the night,
Ensuing darkness to the sun’s gate.
The twinkling in the stars I know;
Burning high burning low,
Directing foes and chums alike,
Obscured vision – here I grow.

The flowing elixir has its story,
Every whirl wind knows its glory;
Mighty highland swamping island;
Where is my shy land?
The earth celebrates today,
The victory of humanity;
The rise over many falls!
The wise covers every fault!
The ice blankets the diminishing soil;
Fissures covered with heavenly toils.

Photo source: Wikipedia
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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Inspired by Tagore

Dear Readers,

Extremely happy to announce that one of my Poem Unchained Melody is selected by British Council ( Submitted for the competition INSPIRED BY TAGORE) and would be published in a compilation this month. Please find the link below to access for details:

Click below:

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An old poem in New light

Fisherman – Your boat is drifting,
Take my hand, bring it ashore.
Inalienable hardship at work,
Never identified by my hungry fork.

Militia - Your march is tiring,
Take my feet and my boots – make your trip.
Those icy thorns pricks you everywhere,
Ignorant lives here; Let me be there.

Courtesan – There is someone at the door,
Tonight let me go, you mend your sore.
Happiness sold in this market of deaths,
Dream abandoned nights for tasteless breads.

Mother – Don’t let your child grow,
Let it be at your breast.
Those vultures are flying low;
There is still a tomorrow

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Sunday Blogging - Stray Bullet

Sunday Blogging - Stray Bullet
I want to thank each one of you for your mails and comments in my blog. Those simple messages helped me to compile the right book cover and today I am sitting with 30 good poems from 6 different contributors. The hunt for two more poets continues and I am sure I ll find them by the end of the month.  I should have the book published by the 15th of next month.
Anyway I have a new poem for you today. The poem is raw and I have written in one sitting. I will rework on this poem soon. Let m know if you find yourself somewhere in the Poem. After all we are stray bullets and even a stray bullet has its destination.

Stray Bullet
The blank pages of my diary,
Reflects the nothingness of my life;
I am trying hard to create a story out of it,
Every day I promise to strive;
Procrastination though is lovers delight;
Few more moment by the heart’s side.

So I lingered through the darkness in search of light;
Ready for a battle or at least a fight;
Do not give up now,
And wait for some sunrise;
Though we are derailed at times,
Hit the road again and surprise!
There may be some time left to redefine this life.

I can blame the entire world today,
I can even forge a story;
But when I look at the mirror,
It’s always me behind the light;
One man whom I need to delight,
It was me behind that fall and during my rise.

I am not done yet,
Nights are always meant to fight;
But day light can take me to soaring height,
One man from who I cannot hide;
And separate the wrong from the right,
Even in darkness and blinding light,
In burning deserts and frost bites;
Someone inside wants me to fight and be brave;
‘cause we follow ourselves to the ultimate grave.

Picture Source:google
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Saturday, May 12, 2012

I creep

I creep
I creep …in darkness;
I lost……lost
You gain;
I sweep…..your brain;
Sweep sweep sweep;
The ignorance;
The path is dull and dusty;
I move…Oh! I walk;
It rains……colourful and rusty;
It pains;
Perennial ….never ending;
I bleed…..slit…tamed inside this soul;
And I walk again.
I synchronised and you retreat;
I call your number….you retreat;
I call it pain and you “shame”,
I rub my eyes again,
I feel the rain in them,
And you have a tale to tame;
I am lost…lost
I saw that yesteryears ghost;
Punctured hole and blot;
The blood clot!
I creep…creep creep creep.

Picture Source:google
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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


The way of the world I see,
Where new is replacing old;
Mind replacing soul,
Synchronicity of social norms relegated,
Hunting for the heart of gold.

The river grows during the monsoon;
Quashing happiness downstream,
Where mind marches at boundless haste;
To unknown habitat painfully serene,
We now orchestrate sleep never to dream.

Thrust your heart into your soul,
Thrust happiness and ensue the old;
Break the rules of the new school;
Freedom today is only for the fools?
Shove some laughter into our dead pools.

Close your eyes to open within,
Lock your mind to sink in;
Join the wayward wind in its flight;
Draw the curtain to see the light,

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sample Book Cover

Hello Readers,

Here I have identified and created few covers for the new book. I would like to request you to select the best by adding your favorite in the comment section. This would be a great help to all the contributors to the book.- Sunday Blogging

Sample 1:                                                                                        Sample 2:

Sample 3:                                                                              Sample 4:

Sample 5:

                                                                                  Sample 6

Sample 7

Thank you for taking part in the selection process. We will ensure we send a ecopy of the book to 2 lucky people whose selection is accepted.

It would be great if you can invite more people to participate in the selection process.

The book is all about the power of the blogging community and simply by working together with fellow bloggers I have realised the amount of creativity here and I would like to take this to everyone through this book. The success of the book will help me involve more bloggers to create a virtual community of artist whose contribution can bring changes.

Cheers and Keep Winning,


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