Thursday, August 15, 2013

Barbed Wire

Barbed Wire

With Optimism, reveries and ambitions they move,
with death snubbed and life in the cross fire,
their world in a suitcase- they move;
Destination anywhere – this human chain – moves.

From their soil in Bangladesh;
to the land of the might rhinos,
they cross the mighty Brahmaputra;
Heavy heart, wild fancies and hope,

From the land of Mexico,
To mighty America;
From the land of the Czars,
To unknown habitat- and beyond the Thar.

Expatriates, Refugees, Emigrants?
Vietnamese...........They move,
Life in a suitcase; only option- they choose.

No soul adjudicate such fate,
Sometime it gets late;
Their life enclosed in the edge of a razor blade,
The Wars!
Nature’s folly!
Liquidations? And more
They race.

The world was a free land and was never fenced;
The Mexicans now digging;
Few swims to exaltation; out of sense.
Few enclosed in ampoules, sails in painful symphony,
Trying to re-write their destiny.

If money can’t buy happiness;
Ask the poor the cost of blood;
If money can’t buy happiness;
Ask the courtesan the cost of lust;

Money can’t buy happiness?
The sea makes you smile;
But what takes you that mile?
Life in a suitcase- wild.

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