Friday, June 15, 2012



Wake Up!

I am your lover and I am the last,

I relied on your belief and your trust!

I am the lone ranger in this desert of death,

Wake up! It’s no time to take rest,

I have got flowers for our bed;

Wake up! We have a journey to make,

This war cannot burn the spirit of a lover,

I will carry you through the sea and the river;
Away from humanity, do not quiver!
Away from this dying city,

Wake up! The time is right;

I am a warrior and I will fight,

Let me fight destiny and restart;

I was only away for a very short trance,

You could have given me one more chance;

The earth is adorned with twinkling light;

Wake up; you love the moon, shining bright!

Today words no more make sense;
I can fly with you forever, I can dance,

Leave behind hell and walk through fire ball;

Thrash death and stand tall.

Wake up!

Wake Up!

Let me thrust you with more oxygen;

Let me run to the arid brook and sprinkle the last drops;

Let me make you warm – alter the season;

Oh! Wake up,

Let me hammer at your chest;

Wild Honey – would you taste?

Wake up!

The rhythm is breaking and I am losing sight;

Today there is no place to hide;

Wake up!

I can see the oozing blood, its burning inside!

We can still make it to the other side;

We can still live a life.

I am your lover and I am the last,

Wake up!

I can’t hold on to life
Wake Up!

I can see the diminishing sunlight,

And the angels ride,

Wake up! One last time,

Let us embrace and kiss and touch,

Wake Up!

I am your lover and I am the last,

Wake Up….!

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  1. Replies
    1. LOL! i am not great with love poems.

    2. hey Shams...let your readers decide it! I say it's great man! Very intense and kinda hot too:)

    3. Thank You Amitji...Just trying to venture into this territory :))

    4. Dear Shams, kindly drop the 'ji'. Isn't my name good enough buddy?

  2. You can woo someone just by telling them that you wrote this for them. :-D


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