Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Fisherman – Your boat is drifting,
Take my hand, bring it ashore.
Inalienable hardship at work,
Never known to my hungry fork.

Army man – Your march is tiring,
Take my feet and my boots – make your trip.
Those icy thorns pricks you everywhere,
Ignorant habitat here let me be there.

Courtesan – There is someone at the door,
Tonight let me go, you mend your sore.
Happiness sold in this market of deaths,
Dream abandoned nights for tasteless breads.

Mother – Don’t let your child grow,
Let it be there at your breast.
Those vultures and ugly Crow
There is still a tomorrow


  1. The above is a Poem i am currently working...titled "SHADES AND VERSES". I am sure you will like it. I will publish few more from the book.


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