Monday, January 16, 2012


The mall is decorated with colourful lights
sign of approaching Christmas
and I am out in this festive madness;
Shopping blues in everyone’s eyes.

Young man and women, happy faces around
shopping cart, excitement, wild dreams and mesmerising sound.
I am done with my part
Its time to depart.

Suddenly the weather played its role
sunshine blocked by clouds of gold
and it began to rain, music to my ear.
Hundreds trapped, unhappy and sad, I can hear.

Childhood memories of young days
paper boat and all those maze,
No worries, what ever it be
never busy in mind, always free.

And than I heard a seven year speak
to her mom in the crowd.
“Lets run mommy” , the child shouted
“No ! We, will get wet” , her mom was loud.

“But you said by daddy’s bed
about his cancer and asked him to rest,
If Lord wishes this will also pass,
faith only will ensure, we all last.”

Divine silence I can feel, know not why?
I can see few of them cry.
All desperate to hear the mother reply
heart broke wishes and few more cry.

“Yes, baby lets run fast
Maybe we are a little dirty today
and we need washing”. They ran
into the street, in the rain.

Hundreds followed and danced to the rain
Shopping bags, all young and old
Tears and water, I saw them all
today in the shopping mall,

I followed and I also ran
To be a part of this divine fun
I am dirty too, I need washing
I was dirty and I needed washing

If lord wishes everything would pass
memories of that evening would always last.



  1. Really Nice.. Seriously thinking of buying book..

  2. Hey Thnaks Nirav....the book is now available at my publishers website and they are the cheaptest :)


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