Monday, July 9, 2012

Shakespeare’s Old!

Shakespeare’s Old!

Today we have changed the vision,
We have gone beyond our mission;
We will glorify human life!
We will fortify human rise!
Testify human life and our Job,
We will punctuate life and endorse;
Endorse happiness as the manna of life;
Severity for the soul with conflicting protocol,
Abdus today out of school text;
God particle killed the God for him?
Horrify……..we all Scream!

When do we Live when we only think of living?
Sleep? Thinking about peace!
Eat? Thinking and not contemplate our deeds;
Amassing? Not considering other’s needs!
Life’s encumber has lost its charm;
Welcoming darkness with open arm,
Those soothsayers armed with conclusions,
Distributing happiness and seclusion…

The child is now grown up;
He has seen the world,
The old man though feeble is bold;
The child now unpacked in the factory and sold,
These are my days and this is what I am told;
There is a hammer behind every gold…

Shakespeare’s Old!


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