Saturday, September 29, 2012

Old house!

Old house

Few of them I left behind,
Few friends are sunshine;
My homeland, the known terrain,
My old home is still kind,
Every Closet is filled with memories,
Some enormous and few secret stories;

Those young souls are old now,
I never saw them grow somehow;
Now when I look at life,
It engages and always divides,
The old house has mysterious eyes,
Jingle, tinkle, rattle, clink…
Continuous…the boat of Life. 


  1. You write so well. I like how you select your topic:D

  2. Those who still have the old house are really lucky.
    you know what Kaif says?

    Kaif pardes men mat yaad karo apna makaan,
    abke baarish ne use tod giraya hoga!!!

  3. @Ghazala Hossain Thank you Ghazala...happy that you like my work ..

  4. @indu chhibber Rightfully said! our quest of moving ahead in life tend to crash the best of our memories at times.

  5. some writers amaze with the depth in their thoughts rightfully selecting words and stitching them into verses .. you are indeed one of them.. left me thinking !!


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