Friday, April 5, 2013



It’s not always about your perspective;
It’s not about your fight,
It was never about tailored humanity;
Today it’s about life!

It’s not about the towers touching the sky,
It’s not about soaring high;
It’s not about colossal leap and gargantuan stride,
It’s about human right!

You are still native,
Native at your birth,
Native – Check your pulse;
Speak to your heart,
It’s not about relegations,
It’s about tomorrow’s vision,
It’s not about stale reasons;
It’s today,
It’s about life’s mission!

There is an assessment every moment,
There is a test;
It’s not about rest in tranquility,
It’s not about your giant city,
It’s about peace and mankind;
Ultimate serenity!
It’s about that inner light!
The sense of being alive!

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