Tuesday, September 15, 2015

(Ballade form) Now for the Vagabond

Image result for french ballade formThe ballade (/bəˈlɑːd/; not to be confused with the ballad) is a form of medieval and Renaissance French poetry as well as the corresponding musical chanson form. It was one of the three formes fixes (the other two were the rondeau and the virelai) and one of the verse forms in France most commonly set to music between the late 13th and the 15th centuries.
The ballade as a verse form typically consists of three eight-line stanzas, each with a consistent metre and a particular rhyme scheme. The last line in the stanza is a refrain. The stanzas are often followed by a four-line concluding stanza (an envoi) usually addressed to a prince. The rhyme scheme is therefore usually 'ababbcbC ababbcbC ababbcbC bcbC', where the capital 'C' is a refrain

I am trying this very old form of Poetry and I hope I ll improve with time. Please help me with your feedback. This poem will evolve with more changes

Now for the Vagabond

So call troth of the mutiny laden vagrant,
In wild moves in defence of his contemplatives
From the aloofness of this unsung martinet,
Oh! The tearing and burning lumbago!
Colours! One by one and slowly disappearing
Bounded to the earth and programed by the sky;
Darkness is still haunting in the ageing blues,
What the world saw is mutiny and lies.
Do sometimes those heart tries and eyes lie?
Do you care for this unknown tattered soul?
Predicament out of all the lost fortunes now survived,
He denies, sometime fabricates and sometime cooks
Justice delayed and provided though not out of books,
Perennial nights and no remorse from those eyes;
When the commotion inside stops, silence speaks,
What the world saw is mutiny and lies.
You are now beyond the milky-way and more,
Compassionate and affirmative for those lives it holds;
Jingoism! Wanderer what you now bore,
Long journey for you but you will ascend
Hoodlums out in the wild and circumstances pretend,
With them your life burst and you untie;
For those critics! No premises left?
What the world saw is mutiny and lies.
Motivation is now over ruled and sold,
You never give up and always do try;
There are many story’s untold,
Encrypted and scrambled in gold,
What the world saw is mutiny and lies.

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