Saturday, December 2, 2023

Once Upon a Thief

Dear Reader,

Exciting news! My latest thriller novel, "Once Upon a Thief," is now available for presale, with physical copies set to hit shelves by the end of December 2023. I'm confident you'll find this gripping narrative a thrilling addition to your reading list.

Set against the pulsating backdrop of Guwahati's labyrinth, the story follows Aditya, a seasoned maestro of heists, and Ria, an unexpected pawn in a sinister game. Their chance encounter sparks a blaze of intrigue and danger, propelling them into a high-stakes heist orchestrated by the enigmatic Panchali. As Aditya engineers Ria's escape, the plot hurtles toward a grandiose heist that promises to redefine Guwahati's criminal landscape.

Amidst the sultry backdrop of Guwahati's urban jungle and the rhythmic beats of Shillong's music culture, the narrative takes an unexpected turn. Social issues of water body preservation and sewage problems seamlessly weave into the storyline, adding urgency to the unfolding drama.

Chased by the relentless police force and Ria's determined father, Aditya and Ria navigate a treacherous landscape where allies blur into adversaries. Panchali, the shadowy orchestrator, toys with their destinies, casting a dark veil over trust and loyalty.

In this complex dance of deceit, Aditya faces the dual challenge of saving Ria from danger and unraveling Panchali's mysterious motives. Meanwhile, Debojit, the relentless police officer, peels back layers of criminal intrigue, exposing secrets that threaten to topple the city's criminal empire.

"Once Upon a Thief" promises a riveting spectacle of suspense, action, and moral dilemmas, with a plot that twists and turns like a Hollywood blockbuster. Can Aditya and Ria outsmart their pursuers? Will Panchali's machinations lead to triumph or doom? And can Debojit untangle the web of crime enshrouding the city?

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Shamsud Ahmed

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