Friday, February 24, 2023

"The Alchemical Voyage into the Enigmatic Realm of the Self"

"The Alchemical Voyage into the Enigmatic Realm of the Self: A Quest for Courage, Belonging, and the Reconfiguration of Narrative"


Hark! Into the boundless unknown I embark,

Amidst dubious alleys, courage to purchase, can I spark?

I dare try again, nary a shred of fear, I remark,

Perchance, a ride to my true abode, fate may embark!


The routes ahead, enigmatic nuptials do they weave,

My state, transmogrifying, no folly shall it leave!

Unaccompanied, my destiny, I endeavor to achieve,

Monotony to break, my will, resolute, shall not cleave!


The seasons transform, alchemic changes within,

The past, a paltry assistant, my future to win!

What does my heart seek, a tale of grandeur to spin,

The storyteller, I shall be, the narrative, I shall twin!


A chronicle of yore, a saga by someone lived,

Bound within pages, a lore, to be revealed and relived!

My journey continues, to the unknown shore I shall thrive,

With me as the navigator, new frontiers I shall drive!




  1. Oh, how your poetic words take us on a captivating journey! Your quest for self-discovery and the enigmatic realm of the self is beautifully portrayed in your evocative verses.


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