Monday, February 27, 2012

Here Comes Death Galloping

am still working on this Poem and will take some time to complete it because of the complexity of the subject. Anyways, here I present you “Here comes Death Galloping” for a preview. I hope you enjoy and also share your feedback
Here comes Death Galloping

Here comes Death Galloping,                                
To take away the child in you;
Leaving behind lust and greed;
Here comes Death Galloping in his nimble steed.
Here comes Death Galloping,
To take away the virtuousness in you,
Leaving behind a corrupt baffound mind;
Here comes Death Galloping to the corner of the barathrum.

Here comes Death Galloping,
Along the chthonic alley of the human soul;
Today HE is killed by the reformist cognizance,
Here comes Death Galloping plugging in annihilation and revenge.

Here comes Death Galloping,
The Satan riding behind to take love away;
The preserved halidom now out in the bazaar,
Save your soul do not leave your ingresses ajar.

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