Sunday, February 26, 2012


A simple poem for your Sunday. Hope you enjoy. please do leave your feedback


If you tend to deviate,
Your energy will never radiate,
If you fail to unleash your heart;
You may never start.
Thread Light Rays

If your ego is high,
Learning will take a distant cry;
If your imagination is dry,
Confrontation with life will shy.

Perception always become reality,
If founded in fact,
Hell was always inside us;
Heaven too and its gate.

Shamsud A


  1. A standing applause for this poem. It is a masterpiece.

    Feels good to follow someone like you. I learn a lot from you...:)

  2. Not sure how to reply to this one...I write someone to appreciate and feel good about my work and when I receive something of this sort....i simply would preserve this....a lot of unlearning for this conditioned mind. Thank you Saru


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