Tuesday, February 28, 2012


A wrong poem in the right state of mind

Where do you go when the stakes are low?
And you still have to bet your life.
Where do you sleep when your dreams are borrowed?
And your life conditioned and mirrored.

When do you decide before you call it a decision?
And you are aware of the calamity ahead.
When do you voice out when the rulers go insane?
And the Disparagement is on you though in vain.

When do you live when your life gives up at times?
And your chums are in a living trance.
When do you smile when laughter is just a stimulus?
And the sadness and pains are humongous

You tend to wake up from deep slumbers,
To find out you are still exhausted;
Complicated math’s of life you espoused,
Now what? Your time has come to pronounce?

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