Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fallen Star

Fallen Star
You ambled to the sea and I marched to the zoo,
We cross paths, nobody is true,
You bring sunshine and I carry rain,
We cross paths, nobody’s pain.

Fallen Star! Did you melt the snow?
Fallen Star! Did you see my love go!?
Fallen Star! Did you see that spirit pass?
Would you meet my soul and ask
To return to this feeble physique for I have one last task
Would you? Fallen Star?

This hero lies in the dust.
Fallen Star! Did you see that spirit pass?
I have one last task
Would you shine and remove the rust
from that sword; testimony of my glorious past.
Would you? Fallen Star?

My name but a heap of dust,
My soul but an allegory from the past;
Fallen star, you belong to heaven,
I know you bring life along,
Would you share a bit with me?
I can be a bird or a tree.

Fallen star! Would you set me free!?
Shamsud A
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  1. Kyaa khoob likha hai Shamsu bhai! Kaayal ho gaye aapke!(Hindi mein likhte nahi hain aap lekin samajhte toh honge na? :)

  2. Thank you. I love your poems though at times i need to refer to google for help :)

  3. Brilliant way of wish. Very nice composition Shamsud bhai.

  4. u got to add some music and get someone to sing it...its so catchy will make for an amazinnnng song...pls pls do it....lovely...
    alka narula

  5. hey Alaka ...Thanks. I am trying some lyrics too. Now that you have inspired me...i ll publish soon :))

  6. i dont really knw hw gud or bad i m wd words but it cums frm deep and so are yr words , love the feel in this particular piece can v well relate with ...hope u dont mind my coming back again ,a gr8 fan of yr words:)

    1. I can only thank you. You are inspiring and motivating and that is what keep me going. extremely happy that you like my work :)

  7. hey all your stuff are really words with this poem :)


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