Friday, March 9, 2012

I Resign

I resign from adulthood today,
I lacked the maturity to manage my repertoire
Of an adult – I know not how to lie;
I never knew how to break a heart and not cry.

Let me be free from the encumbrance of survival,
As I am going to the park and my chums awaiting my arrival;
No…I would not need my steed today,
Let me set him free…… as the sun ray.

I resign from the burden of thinking hard,
As I would be too busy playing in the marsh;
No…I would not need my usual sustenance this time,
By the riverside in the wilderness – I plan to dine.

Let me talk to my paper boat and those maze,
Nothing bothers me beyond this simple craze;
No…I would not need those bills today and ever,
As I will never be back from my childhood; Never!

I resign now
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