Saturday, December 7, 2013


I walked into the unknown,
With folded hands I am gone;
The entire collection of time,
Over the years are burdens;
I could have managed chaos well;

You are still a stranger;
Pretending to be my friend,
You never play love song;
You do not bring chocolates;
I am conscious and aware;
You never take me home;
Now those years are gone.

Why did you let me go?
Everyone gets the exact life he wants;
Come if you need me!
Those were days;
Can never, never be wasted;
Seed me!

Its all there,
Trust me!
I wanted to tell you the life,
I always wanted to live;
Wanted you to believe!

This is the moment;
The moment of truth,


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  4. Not all hope was lost, though. Remember that determination I was talking about? I knew I was destined for something more; something greater than myself.

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