Saturday, March 17, 2012


With every fall I become weak;
Every rise makes me wise;
I move through this illusion of dreams,
And break all barriers with the moon light,

I emphasise and I hypnotise,
Visualise a life I fantasize;
Living and breathing is an achievement,
Fertility calls for retrenchment.

I ponder in the beach of nowhere land,
Some energy lost in the skin of time;
Reenergised when success knocks your door,
Images of childhood and those folklores!

Some paper boats reached their destination,
And some lost on the way;
Some friends reaped their fascinations,
And some – on the bay.

To grow – it cost my life,
Sometimes I rely on borrowed imaginations;
Those myriad memories are killing;
Sometimes we live on hallucinations.
Shamsud A

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