Sunday, May 5, 2013



I still have few breaths left;
Should I lend them to death!
Or reconcile for a life;
Short, but this time wise!!

Memories of yesteryear;
Envelops of moments,
Glories of childhood plays,
Hiding behind sun rays!

Now when the moments of truths surface,
I run behind time;
I don't have a face,
Those tamed emotions embrace,
Am I still in the race!?

I squeezed some droplets from hope,
And reinstated my empire of thoughts,
I have not lost;
For I have tried,
For I wanted to rise,
In the backdrop of forgetful love,
I multiply emotions,
In a burning stove,
Fueled by time,
I reign!

And when I leave this place;
Let me tell you one more time,
I have not given up,
My dreams were always ripe;
I encountered vice;
My own device!
Now away, I hitched this ride;
With the tide,

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