Sunday, September 1, 2013


We worked towards a life;
Could have been nurtured to a new height,
A brand new life!
Future is ingrained in old insight.

There when the social stigma plays,
Few living could trace;
They say, “Life is a race”;
Today I have no one to face,
The track is isolated and I am not late;
I am not retired and can gain pace!

Lackadaisically I waited;
With time I faded beyond death,
Human life – you cannot rate!
Fathers look for a child beyond his age,
I have a rage!
To go beyond this cage!


We worked towards a life;
Now I will embrace,
Give shape!
Revive the milieu,
Without you!?

My captivity you surmised:
Success can be late but never denied!
My imaginations today personified,
And is taking shape;
And I am back!

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