Friday, November 15, 2013



Entrenched with golden sunshine,
Your beauty bathed in summer warmth;
Armed with saccharinity, you redefine pristine,
Today I saw Life by my side,
In the deserted street of my heart;
Everlasting! How you ignite?

Further down the age,
There is an outrage;
Of owning a piece of that dream,
Can we team?
To win a life against those pathos!
There is calmness after all chaos.
There is a road beyond the wilderness;
There is hope in todays’ bitterness.

You enchanted everyone in the crowd,
You grew taller and I loud!
The meadows are not watered for eons;
You created a father and many sons,
You signed separations with wild thorns,
Your journey overturned many storms,

Days are getting longer,
Younger and stronger!
I have buried all the pains;
Yonder by the valley of rains,
Past can blot your present with stain,
Your yardstick is what you gain!
I am the corpse today – do not uncover,
Behold! You were never my lover;
My heartbeats dried with time,
While you bathed in golden sunshine.


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