Wednesday, December 28, 2016


You have been up against all odds,
You have been the one;
Solving and sorting things;
With all links,
And when the bell rings,
Lonely in some corner,
Realisation of life – stinks?
No! We need to do better,
We need to break the jinx,
A long way to go,
Maybe a better glimpse!

You synchronise your thoughts;
You savour all you brought!
You breathe to testify your living!
You cease to exercise – forgiving!
You enact the idol of togetherness,
Separating all reasons today;
They say – every dog has its day!

I can write a sonnet for you,
I can phrase the pain inside,
I can hide some tear drops,
So that you ride!
But you are your thoughts,
You are your life!
Sometimes you draw light;
Hallucinations bright!
Your illusions;

You are the fragment of your might!!!

1 comment:

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