Tuesday, January 10, 2017


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What ensues if I know all the stories in this earth?
What if I am a part from the commencement in this earth?
And it never ends even if I am many re-births!
And now when I lay my hands on you!
Singing songs of bees and birds;
Cause all these are seasoned long time back,
The earths has reasons and mark its track!

You exterminate the black and they carnage the white;
Enough – turn off the light!
They talk of human rights!
How we not know we are connected at birth?
What if we were tested and chained in a single site!
Will then and then, there will be more strikes!
Eat your share and let others take their bites.
Walk out of your body and feel your soul- light!
Hold on to every colored hand – Very tight.

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