Monday, January 9, 2017


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Where the city’s light are sprightlier,
Dress smart, walk right;
Blind date, who paid?
Dream big, measure your stick,
Concrete all around, life - a brick!
Some treats and other tricks!
Never slow never slow,

Rare knock on the door, be quick,
When opportunities personify your future,
August summer Decembers’ cold,
Don’t let it go, be bold!
Embrace and smote your life to gold,
Let it be remembered, you create memories;
Of simple moments you hold;
The moving clock will anyway make us old!

Music in my ear I score,
Deep inside from the reminiscence store;
Holding hands young, munificent and poor,
Thickening sky, blue clouds no more;
Hardened soil, trees no more,
I am not sure of the next flight,
The weather man predicted it light!
I am on my way to the woods,
With my saga and few books,
Blissful and uphill;

My life! my food!



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