Saturday, January 7, 2017

The bubble

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I am thinking;
One more year gone by,
Some idiosyncratic events few closed eye,
Few trouncing, gains and some lies;
Moving on!
The journey is never about the ride,
Understanding depth, far and wide;
There are times we storm against the tide!!

I am thinking,
The days gone by,                           
Time spent untying all WHY!
Rallying cry;
Acquired knowledge shaping the man in you,
What about the soul?
When you grow old!
Life is beyond living!
I am being told!
Some stories engraved in gold;
Some lives are simply sold!!

I am reasoning;
Dodging prejudice and moving ahead;
Time waits for none;
I believe and so I run,
To reach the epoch of epistemology;

Now its your turn!!     

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