Friday, December 7, 2012


I am a good interviewer,
Intrigued by facts;
The night helps me update,
I decide and you forsake,
You too get late,
Risk factory in the horizon,
Your days are my season;
Living needs no reason,
For few deaths is a goal and moral vision,

Hatred ingrained in your Childs heart,
Fate hard wired at birth;
And we talk of a new start,
A new beginning,
Amongst all dirt,
Grasses can always be greener,
Provided you water them,
Humanity! Pamper them!

You can always take a wrong turn,
It’s fun!
Never the wrong road,
Row your own boat!
Make your float;
Bad times?
Life is not about growth;
Build your dreams –broad,
Your words…..thirsty throats!

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