Friday, January 25, 2013



Sardine run, Aurora Borealis and Catatumbo lightning (© Getty/Rex Features/Wikimedia)
When you wait for the new day,
Its magical everyday;
Memories for some,
It’s there to stay,
Hopes are stormy weather boats,
Sometimes goals get lost!
You are the host!

Flare up!
Life is measured in breath and one chance;
You promised to go beyond,
You promised new height!
You hurried, lost and today you can be the light;
Frost bite!
Redefining new height;
What escaped your eyes?
Your life?
They are Incorporeal and Ineffable,
Your felicity cannot be measured,
Penumbra of life always preserved,

We may regret moments not the whole,
Few eclipses not the vistage of Tranquility
Decayed and Evocative life of this city,
 Relationships are not a treaty;
Induced Serendipity!

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