Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Living is fun!

When the moon is upbeat with flooded light;
you take the ride,
against all tides
Look at your eyes!
When your lips can take no load;
you’ll take the road!
When the drums are high in the sky
you’ll not shy!
Paddle your heart
your soul will self-start;
let the humanity rise
the fools and wise!
Truths are odd against all lies
creating new ties.

Days are counted when you had the time,
who counts and measures sunshine?
Colossal and engrossed,
every heart rhymes!
Today your concourses may be wrong,
but your destinations are still young;
all are heroes – their own song!!
Death is just the next turn;
far behind, life runs,
at the tipping point of reality
No money and never those guns,

Living is fun!!!



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