Monday, June 8, 2015

Liberty 2.0

 The railroads brought mettlesome hope;
From distant land!
Few remonstrated!?
Others demosntrated their stand;
Suddenly! Yesterday is too remote,
And history!?
The other end of the rope,
Twisted trade and contumacious;
Shaping the inchoate rage into eloquent diatribe,
A race in the rise!

New waves of truculence,
On both the sides;
The Tunnel is not build to hold light,
Grounds ready for new flight;
Arabesque plan for human right,
Space is tight!
Separating the warrior from the mass,
Dew drops squeezed from the morning Grass;
Stealing faith from your trust!

Years of assiduous labour;
The Summer brought home liberty,
The rail road, this time brought death;
From known land!
Today! Blood is the desert sand;
The soul is enervated and hungry,
Many a thunderstorm past;
And a clear Sky again!
Freedom and Liberty - We tasted!?
Humanity reinstated!!!

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