Monday, December 14, 2015

If only....

The below Poem is written by a very dear friend Ezechiel Rodricks and your feedback would help him grow as a poet.

If only...

Do you have a little time
To simply stare at a bright blue sky
Just a moment for yourself
While this world passes by
Do you have a little time
To look your child in the eye
May that memory be yours
Let all else pass you by
Do you have a little time
To just be greatful for today
Live for this very moment
And not dwell in yesterday's
Do you have a little time
To make amends & start a new
If you only made the time
Perhaps..there'd exist a happier you

Ezechiel Rodricks

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Unto the last !

A man in confinement,
Can live with reasons;
His months and seasons,
His goals and visions,
His legions;
Of logic customised and lessons,

Limitations, curved out of phantasms,
Curved out of hope;
Buried in skewed scope,
The tricks, the rope;
We are all sailing boats,
Life!? Unmarked roads,

Deliriums, the apparitions of life,
Buried under opaque ‘thought ice’;
Few achieved and many died,
Take me for a ride,
Darkness is when someone buries his light;
Your terminus is beyond your sight,
One last fight is always your right;


Tuesday, October 6, 2015


There is a story to tell;
All religions in hell;
Practices are customized to death;
Daily breads bought with breath,
The gospels are out there for you,
Torah is seasoned and so is you,
 Older than the hiddekel,
Living older in all scale;
The Eden created for life;
Ordained by vice.

Unison in the world of thee Vedas;
Uniformity in ragas;
Systems awakened in Abraham’s!?
Rift now in religions,
Illuminate in the rise;
New world order- their device,
Tomorrow when you open your eyes,
Few living would see many, dies!

The three wise man following those stars,
One in the stable and the other behind bars;
Society today lost in transition,
There are reasons,
There are lessons.

Friday, September 18, 2015

One more story

When the chronicle reaches the end and the moon blinks its last,
I wake up to redraft the expedition;
Every step orchestrated millions of time in my mind;
I am running for stimulation
In my backyard I grow hope;
Losses are seeds concealed in the soil,
New season will bring the green,
Water them, pull some string!
Restoration is not an exercise,
A routine!
The hills are unpromising and they have eyes,
It buries mysteries in its bosom,
Still teaches many untold lessons!
Where do you start when you lost the mark?
All you need is a spark!

I sojourn in the streets of nowhere,
Sometimes a year is a day,
Many forgetful days I passed;
No one's truth is more ingenuous than others,
We fly without feathers!?
Our mind takes us places,
We rest to re-energise;
Sometimes simply to rise!
Every soul writes its story,
In the mysterious pages of life;

My story escaped with the tide!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

(Ballade form) Now for the Vagabond

Image result for french ballade formThe ballade (/bəˈlɑːd/; not to be confused with the ballad) is a form of medieval and Renaissance French poetry as well as the corresponding musical chanson form. It was one of the three formes fixes (the other two were the rondeau and the virelai) and one of the verse forms in France most commonly set to music between the late 13th and the 15th centuries.
The ballade as a verse form typically consists of three eight-line stanzas, each with a consistent metre and a particular rhyme scheme. The last line in the stanza is a refrain. The stanzas are often followed by a four-line concluding stanza (an envoi) usually addressed to a prince. The rhyme scheme is therefore usually 'ababbcbC ababbcbC ababbcbC bcbC', where the capital 'C' is a refrain

I am trying this very old form of Poetry and I hope I ll improve with time. Please help me with your feedback. This poem will evolve with more changes

Now for the Vagabond

So call troth of the mutiny laden vagrant,
In wild moves in defence of his contemplatives
From the aloofness of this unsung martinet,
Oh! The tearing and burning lumbago!
Colours! One by one and slowly disappearing
Bounded to the earth and programed by the sky;
Darkness is still haunting in the ageing blues,
What the world saw is mutiny and lies.
Do sometimes those heart tries and eyes lie?
Do you care for this unknown tattered soul?
Predicament out of all the lost fortunes now survived,
He denies, sometime fabricates and sometime cooks
Justice delayed and provided though not out of books,
Perennial nights and no remorse from those eyes;
When the commotion inside stops, silence speaks,
What the world saw is mutiny and lies.
You are now beyond the milky-way and more,
Compassionate and affirmative for those lives it holds;
Jingoism! Wanderer what you now bore,
Long journey for you but you will ascend
Hoodlums out in the wild and circumstances pretend,
With them your life burst and you untie;
For those critics! No premises left?
What the world saw is mutiny and lies.
Motivation is now over ruled and sold,
You never give up and always do try;
There are many story’s untold,
Encrypted and scrambled in gold,
What the world saw is mutiny and lies.

Monday, September 14, 2015


Hyde Park London-Nov 2013

The verdict is out;
It’s time to rethink;
Many in the brink,
Drain those bubbles out,
Few have already given up!
Reawaken and you sprout;

Pessimism will also take you places,
Failure shows true faces!
Spot the moment;
Many more races,
The old town might call you home;
But you are for all seasons;
Today play without reasons!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Draw inspiration from the pond,
Go to the sea and appreciate nature’s bond!
You believed when nobody else,
With ‘silence’ you shared your bed;
With fortitude you moved, though late,
With courage you love all those hate,
With pride you took the street,
Those memories, you never retreat.

Journey! human beings undertake,
With time you reach your dead bed;
Many a stories in your lives slate,
You have decided before the final rest;
We all know how the blood tastes,
Earn your daily bread!
There is something in everyone’s plate;
Your laboured fruit, others bread spread.

Sometime I wonder,
Where! What should I ponder!?
Those mountains never told me their age;
River Brahmaputra flows with rage,
The sun pioneered grace!
Face and defy as others; just a face!
Life leaves unbound trail - you trace;
Sometimes slowing down is also a race.

Friday, September 4, 2015


I am tired and hungry,
Still wakeful, wide open eyes;
I can feel the sleep creeping into my toes,
I have cracked the story of death and all those woes,
I don’t trust death any more,
It has a deal with nature – eons in the past,
The body would be separated from your soul,
For it'll only preserves the soul! Treaty and its goal.

The fury of time can turn its back every time,
You must let loose your soul at times;
It’s good to compromise with your past sometime,
Let your future and present rhyme.
Zigzag – the walk of life!
Why don’t you let yourself unwind!
Merging, evolving thought bubbles
Imaginations – victories of the mind


Friday, August 28, 2015


Discerning while awake and dreaming in your sleep,
A thin line in reality and a bleep;
I hold your hands to the ice cream shop – colours!
Flavours! The seasons produce – together we discover,
The face behind the mask in the circus!
Do they have the zest!
Ice-cream! do they taste?
Ferris wheel – depicting the spectrum of life,
Married twice – once with your eyes!
And with your lies!?
Criss-crossing moments and intervenes in this ride!
Rollercoaster – you by my side,
We have the pass - Bus car drive,
The boat of life against all tide;
Adam’s apple – bite,
Freedom is pride!
Some vanity – genocide;
Gun rattling showman – suicide,
A roller coaster ride!!!

When you are with the stars,
Floating without space and time,
The ugly clouds blurs vision of the land,
Sometimes the sea and sometimes the sand,
Fabbri ride – close-clenched hand!

Thursday, August 27, 2015


Now unlocked - my home was silent for years
Dusty cold and rusty,
An old cup lying on the floor, I felt the warmth of
days bygone ; Aroma of freshly brewed tea- mother
Some flickers in my mind - reflections
Echo! Echo!
Thunders - many of them blown away by the old walls,
the other room where I go back to a child,
Lullaby - fingers playing with my hair, here
lies the bed.
This is also where she last breathes - Mother.
Echo! Echo!
A gust of wind playing with my hair, mutely,
talking to me laughing at my fate
Resonance! It’s too late!
No point digging the grave,
Am I that brave!?

Heartbeats - thump thump, tu tump, dhak dhak, lub dub
Stained soul! truth - the colour of blood,
How far!?
How far one can go before he decides to return home!?
How many twilight a man can wait to meet a waiting soul!?
What else you can aspire to meet your never ending goal!!!

Footsteps on the door,
The old man has a hunch now, walking through the door,
Echo! How much was happiness and how much you needed more,
A failed heart and he lies on the floor – father!
Tears! Thousands of miles away by some unknown shore,
Man! He cries - A life he bore
every story ever manufactured now lives in death!!!

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Note- This is an incomplete work and I ll make some changes
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here we are!


I like the smell of camphor when the very old casket is opened sometime, It takes me to a time I was prancing and all sunshine!
I never saw the fish tank emptied again and again changing life in the process; I always saw them swimming, laughing - progress
And when the novice in me played the organ for the first time, I remember the murmur…so far…twinkling, tinkling, chinking, jugging… with footstep  growing firmer.
Today when I look back in time, I found every breathe you took was more deific then; now looking back…snooping eyes. The universe deistic….rustic me!!!
Give some time to time to heal and you feel, the rhythm of an ocean inside your mind surging wildly – a wiseacre conceited, scornful and slowly calming down to a whirlpool? nothing? Solitary
(Sometimes simply arbitrary) caste away standing alone in the corner! Silence. No commentary!!!
I no more belonged to the tribe I no more long for a ride. I treat and retreat alone in the crowd losing ground among my folks and winning somewhere (Sometimes can I not lose and take the memento) I saw many dying puerilely (and living longer in folk lore, in tales and in fables progenies of life outside any clan, you make it stable you turn the table)
Someone beyond the ocean and beyond the sky beyond the horizon and the star, those who were living and those would not and would not know what they are, (your thumping of the heart would not reach that far)
Each of the few crossing the river, many leaving for the star creating gods in things as they see they are and eons of connected reveries…..blur! Here we are.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

All those things - A Song

All the good things and the bad things,
Everything makes my life!
I am crying and I am laughing,
As I am rushing against the tide;
All the good things and the bad things.

You wither with time, let not your soul,
Shifting targets of life, let not your goal;
All the small things and those big things,
Makes up to my race;
All the memories and those love thing,
Something I can trace,
Oh! All the good things and the bad things.

All the fun thing and the dreary ones,
What the mark-up in love’s price?
Sometimes the sad thing;
Always in the rise!
Oh! The good thing and the bad thing;
Who will pay the price?
All the small things and those big things,
The laughter’s and those cries
All the good thing

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Those were the days!

Those were the days!
The school bus pulled in the corner,
Picking me one last time,
Good bye my beloved school,
Good bye one more time!
I am an adult now and ready for the big show,
I miss my folks, why do people grow!?
I miss the recess;
Unwanted races!
In the tapered corridors and in the forbidden garden;
The lovely girls will be missed tip toeing behind us,
From the refectory to the school bus!
Hush! Hush!
They say I am grown up and its time to make decisions,
That’s what we were meant for and therefore those lessons!
Every day, triumph seemed so close and rest is fate,
Hopelessly running in a game of chase!
Never the early bird but the last and always late;
Moving faster now I am trying to pick up some pace;
Real life is not the same taste;
Life – turning, twisting and a big test!!!

My School bag is long gone and maybe a pile of dust,
My friends all gone and few lost trust,
I may be roses or fall prey to cactus;
I may be the king or some other surprise,
I may follow the road away from my adored school tree;
I ponder this is how my life should be!
A school bag won’t last till eternity 
I still hear the school bell from a distant!
Bong, chime, ding, ring!!
I am growing old and rising tall!!
Jingle, tinkle and toll,

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Wakeful like the wind and the rain

The river shifted its course,
We need high ground - to the road,
Old man and an even older boat!
Hold on to what you can!
Live breathe and remain afloat.
The animals – Horses and goat,
Drowning in the moat!

Today the tributary has spread its arms,
As if running against time,
Breaking all barriers contrasting psalm,
Lost lovers desperate for their union,
The river and the sea – communion!
Shrubbery gasping in every gush,
Blissful rendezvous on the other end of the rush!

The Bells chime in the jingle of the night,
(The clanking of surfs deadening the only light)
The birds are warbling some unknown ditty,
Many lost their home and few their city;
Callous paramour your rush is in vain,
Many more are hastening time and again.
Look at the lives around in your clutch and in chain
Wakeful like the wind and the rain!

Monday, August 17, 2015

I am sleeping beside you

You are thousand moons reflecting in the arroyo,
Millions of sweltering light in every upsurge wave;
Shifting course, every path you take,
I mounted there when everyone’s departed!
You have seen places,
Places espoused and christened after you!
Now I am sleeping beside you!

When my might failed to kindle your soul,
I argued with my soul and ran away from light!
Maybe I was maladroit and never got it right;
Your nimble steed by your side,
I sojourned in hopeless habitat till the end,
Oh! The daybreak sun-shine, tinselling the dew
I am still sleeping beside you.

Why did the life I lead seemed scorn to you,
Every move I made to corroborate them true?
All good man and the ministers, you run through;
Today at rest and some still at their final test,
In the other side of darkness, life grew?
They all ensnared you, I never acquiesced - you knew.
I am sleeping beside you!

All for the money with which I bought these stones;
All for my love I build this home!
All for the praises you carried along,
Justice to the wretched and I still sang along,
Destined to my crown – precious you,
My epitaph is not of a glorious life but about you,
In death I am sleeping beside you!!!


Thursday, August 13, 2015


Tears in the eyes,
goes down and dries!
The soil can take more;
Tears inside your heart, cries!
Stays there for a life!
All the life!

When the blade punctures
through the bark,
The birds above cries,
run for their life,
The tree fallen from its rise;
and dries!

And when a body lose its path,
the soul is hurt;
It flitters, jitters
and argue with its bearer,
when the final bell rings?
It weathers!!!

The Potrait

A Portrait first made,
Shed tears for breath,
Maker, your smile,
Lost somehow now betrayed.

A portrait just dressed,
Coloured firm and fresh;
Maker you know the soul,
And the layout behind that;

Haggard and blown,
In that weary robe,
A steed, never she rode,
What’s inside that abode?

The horse now stabled,
And the picture framed,
Visitors today, through those pristine doors,
Painter – you strive for more;

Would you bargain me the right?
To kiss her brows,
Would you let me to the door?
Slammed behind in the past,
I can see your eyes,
With fertile blood,
And blended folks;

Oh! I am lost at the sight,
Few more nights,
Day makes only lights.
A portrait in my hallucinogenic flight,
Peaceful and glowing bright;

What I longed for!?
Now stripped to pieces - The war!
Lifeless – beats no more – too far!
Persevered in the vortex of encumbers;
Lifeless Chambers!

Would you swallow?
Passers-by once more,
The wrecked portrait,
Retailed to your fortune;

Spoiled brat, you smile,
Through the frame,
But who is your bearer?
A darkness flowed and no names,

The soothsayer now cries,
And plays with my time;
The glory of a sigh portrait,
Brushed throughout and divine.

Monday, August 10, 2015


In the hollow of hollowness,
Of the soul in despair;
I tried to quantify my jollity,
Under the sleuth of pain;
At last defeated and in Vain!

In the shadow of darkness,
The runtime of few years;
Man maketh the heaven,
Through the tunnels of hell,
Creates symphony,
They head and also the trail,

The land you gained were Swamp,
And the money you paid – trump!
In the distant station from now,
Every life is derelict somehow;
You can see your fear in tomorrow,
You can crack a deal with the devil;
You can size your bread at will,
And buy every lifesaving pill,
The format of this game is simple,
The beginnings are marked with an end,
You turn the swamp into your home land,
The Queue ends!
It’s their turn!
Their Stand!!!

Friday, August 7, 2015

Welcome Summer

Winter Chill killed,
Woolen wardrobes gone;
Warmer days are fast;
Summer here at last.

Autumn hours are soothing,
Winter a blast;
Spring came with a spurt,
Summer here at last.

Seminaries would be rested,
Retreat and vested;
Nature’s mission I trust,
Summer here at last.

(I am stitched into your life)

I climb every hills with you (everyday),
I am climbing the mountains of life(You are
the navigator)
I cannot lose my heart (already lost to you)
photo frames in the white wall;
I see your eyes (you are my eyes)
In the depth of destiny I am stitched into your life,
(You are my destiny) never denied.

Cross roads are confusing (You always marked
my path) with emeralds of hope and jest,
You embalmed my pain with your sweetness;
(You sweetheart) safety in my accidentalness,
Emails are meaningless without your touch in paper,
(My life in every breath you take) oil in taper.
I envisioned the time we shan't spent (the whole
Life ticking away in your shoulder)
Book keeping every bit of our life - file-folder.


Monday, August 3, 2015

No Man!


No man is a country,
No man is a sea;
No man is without a story,
Every man he can be,
Every season brings in new seed,
Every moment is a treat;
Few unblemished and worthy soul,
Others are simply life on the roll;

Your invisible thoughts always at work,
Invisible memories of those we lost;
Yesterday’s history is folk lore of tomorrow;
The child is listening;
Be careful what they borrow!

West also has an east,
Wired life and infinite reach;
Do not condemn!!
Many swindlers are there in the street;
Only a handful who preach!

Thursday, July 30, 2015


You move with the wind and flow with the river,
This habitat has engulfed my soul,
I can feel my thoughts and the words within,
And the pristine loam took me to its world.

I slept by the tree with curious life around,
Some endangered and few in abundance;
I saw love everywhere and in the marine,
The moonlight and the stars swayed.

I celebrated life once again,
And the aura I carry back with me;
Returning home was always a compulsion for survival;
From that wilderness to this concrete jungle.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Saluting the great man- APJ ABDUL KALAM

 Image result for abdul kalam silhouette

You burned those bridges never to return,
bedazzled the ugly political stamp;
You redefined humbleness,
Never resigned!

Embodied humanity and enshrined their rights in every treaty,
Opening gates to smiling faces for every garden you owned;
Untiring – every moment you honed,
Every bit of your breathe immortalised,
You live in every youth of this mighty nation,
You – the educator and a preacher,
You – A life lesson!

You spoke to the skies with towering lights,
Flying above the ocean and beyond the horizon;
You radiated harmony;
You embalmed the poor,
Your never belonged to the community,
Never to colours;
You were the gardens of infinite flowers!
Igniting the young in every walk of life,
Igniting old in your own device;
Igniting beyond a nation,
Today you are the sunset!
And you will always rise!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

On Board!

When the steeds prevailed;
Lugging life to the known and unknown;
Conversation with the wind and rapidity revealed!
Many a lover flew with the wind;

Time changes and brings in new,
Life! Renew!!
They saw the steam from the gargantuan machine,
Never had a living snail raced;
Wafting the breeze from both side,
The railroads crossed all state!
Defining and re-defining mobility;
Crisscrossing life and humanity;
The engine arrived!

From the gold diggers to the slaves in the continents,
From sub-Sahara to the Himalayan plateau;
Life resonated at the thrill of speed!
The train roared on its beat;
The silent rail roads like separated lovers;
Travel along, never to meet!

Today when I decide to board,
This symbol of hope;
And I look back in time,
I am intercepted;
Something plays with my mind;
Millions of lives inside its belly,
Destination dwarfed, always a rally;

Time has changed,
It always is!
The newer breed and defying speed;
Crossing landmasses and crossing seas,
Changing landscape in blinking eye;
Thumping heartbeat,
Not a lie!!!


Rearing and nurturing a bud,
Wondering the outcome?
Do not judge me from behind your eyes!
Do not be a critic; it could be all is a lie;
Circumstances are the labour of birth!
Every footprint an outcome,
Harnessed by the nature from all end,
Do not camouflage your hardback;
With letters dug from the grave!
Words and syllables catered with great care,
To write the destiny of a few;
Do not Judge them by the colour!
Do not be unwitting!!!
Unwilling to unlearn;
Unfurl your anger, undo those hallucinations!
Crafted with hatred in the middle of the night;
Let there be Light!

Rise as the soldier in the battlefield!
Rise like the sun from the depth of the sea!
Rise like the child from the mother’s breast!
Rise for your brothers!
Rise for their sake!

The fewest in the knolls away from life,
Never been touched except for the frost;
They have a lord!
Rise today! Let’s pray our thoughts!!!

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