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Sundeep Gursahani through   
A mix of genres!
Surely has a catchy title to go with a collection of truly intense and appealing works inside.
The book will make your emotional quotient hit a different note as you move ahead reading every page.
Wish you all the best for your next one Shamsud
Razesch Chauhan through    
Wonderful Write
This is a wonderful work...i must say. The work is diverse from a very simple poem like "ELUSIVE NYMPH" to more complex subject like "Back Home". I hope to see more coming from shamsud. "CHILD" is one of the most wonderful poem i read and this Indian Poet rocks taking Indian Modern Poetry to a different level
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Paulsleen through
Oh, intense O.o Now i'm interesting in the Good job anyway :)

this is great...cant wait for the book!
Bubbly through
hi! shamsud. rain cleanses all dirt. it purifies body and hearts. it rejuvenates and revives. probably that's why our hearts long to dance in it. lovely poem. lol. ;-)

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Ayesha Mir from Pakistan thorough
great poetry,full of imagery in heroic couplet,but someplaces its disturb due to rhythm of,"customs old,only for the fools"

Lee from USA through
Thorny lifr acidified to the nerve;' ...a fascinating picture of life ... vividly descriptive

Meriki Parkinson from Australia through
Lovely Shamsud, apiece of your home, I long to visit much of India. Very enjoyable, thank you.

Danny Kiggins from USA through  

Inspiring words so true full of emotion. I enjoyed this poem much such talent.

Kanika Khanna from India through 

Great story telling and morality.

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Harun Al Rashid  

My review
Good contemporary poetry. His poetry envisages a change from classical to modern poetry and incorporates abstract thoughts and intense feelings. Really loved his work and expect a lot more to read in future
Mitali Golash

Nice Read
The poetry sounds good, and it also has emotional resonance, based, I think, on the poet's profound compassion for others. At the same time, it is also very anchored in immediate personal reaction and apprehension as if every highly colored experience has its aftertaste of language!!!!

Amazing Work Sam
Amazing work Sam...first time in my life I have read some poetry and trust me it was a wonderful experience...I could relate myself to every poem I have gone through, my favorite is "Loss"...gr8 work Sam...I'll be eagerly waiting for your next, wishing you all the best :-)

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