Wednesday, January 18, 2017

This doesnt rhyme with events and time

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You never touch the same river,
Because it flows,
Never the same gust dashes you,
It blows,
Never a moment remains the same,
Time pushes each heartbeat and heals all woes.

Childhood days; we played with stones,
Stones crafted to create empire;
Empires drowned in the water of time;
Time moves on;
Silence, its rhythm and speed its rhyme.

Looking back at each of the alleyway now filled up,
I saw life crawling to a run;
Looking back at each of the eyes now filled up,
I saw pains are all done!
We all are now man, Daughter and Son

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


This is a part of Dverse
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Combing through the rubbles of my hoary house,
Came across some whispers;
In the corner near the inglenook I can hear the wild flowers,
The dankness could be tear drops from my childhood,
Fights and hollers breaking the silence of the wood;
Whisper! Food!


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I am running!
Running away from my thoughts, my memories;
Is there a casket where I can bury some of them?
Some memories are on rust, then!
Some memories are just wild grass!
Memories of faces long lost;
Fading away, no revival
Some memories are ghost!

You have been there in the crowd,
Bright and loud,
We shared the same bus to school,
Memories of some days – we were fool!
When you resisted and turned yourself off,
Oh! How you caught this awful slashing cough;
Some memories are always young!
Oh! I remember how you laughed off;
Wake up and crawl off.

I can run, not away from myself,
I carry the world inside me,
I miss my days and some fun;
We all share the same sun,
Some memories are loud,
Raining below some dark cloud;
Days are growing adding fragments every day,
Few of them will go and few will stay!

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Monday, January 16, 2017

Life and Live

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Wait forever or simply believe;
In happiness, then you live!
Carry your anxiety forever or relieve them,
Let it go, do not grieve them.

Do not drive your life looking backward,
The car has a rear mirror but for occasional view,
Reality is moving right in front of you;
Throttle! Cause you can see through!

You carry your own twilight,
You are not alone! 
You are still the fragment of the bigger part;
You are a piece of the mother earth!
You may or may not hold on your own,
Look beyond the horizon what the eye has shown,
You reap only from where you have sown;
The fastest traveler mostly travels alone,
A grindstone is always better than the tombstone!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


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I have been craving for the veracity of living,
Forfeiting, taking and giving!
Yearning for the nameless inside me,
Esoteric every soul and inside thee!
I long to walk out of my physique;
And watch myself in action,
The meanings and if there is a lesson!?
Change can be changed like the changing climate,
One seasonal and other the whole planet!
One for a moment and one forever,
One like the departed lover and other by death,
One like the river you never touch it twice,
It’s flowing and is in a race,
We are not the river though when it is gentle;
We are the wind changing course and rustle;
Breaking pigeonhole’s in every walk with the liner clock,
We are the whirlpool and the calmness after the storm,
Let the Painter decide tomorrow form;
Do your soul wear some uniform?
What keeps it warm!?
For life is still moving on!
Amidst flowers and sometime thorn;
Sometimes past stays on and present is just gone.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


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What ensues if I know all the stories in this earth?
What if I am a part from the commencement in this earth?
And it never ends even if I am many re-births!
And now when I lay my hands on you!
Singing songs of bees and birds;
Cause all these are seasoned long time back,
The earths has reasons and mark its track!

You exterminate the black and they carnage the white;
Enough – turn off the light!
They talk of human rights!
How we not know we are connected at birth?
What if we were tested and chained in a single site!
Will then and then, there will be more strikes!
Eat your share and let others take their bites.
Walk out of your body and feel your soul- light!
Hold on to every colored hand – Very tight.

All the stories that a mansion hold

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Parched in silver dwell in gold,
Rubies thrown in and being sold;
Slow baby slow,
There is warmth and cold!
All the stories that a mansion hold

Bugatti and limousines;
All in the roll;
Hollywood hunk I am being told;
Slow baby slowly,
Here old is bold;
Antiques permeating,
Color of the season now unfold!
All the stories that a mansion hold

The city changes color - day and night,
Somewhere darkness and elsewhere bright!
Some permeating in endless light;
Few holding to their hunger tight!
Few pails of water and some respite!
Slow baby slow,
Do not rush through the night;
Your future is in palpable daylight!
A glance in those intense eyes, your tale untold!
Chinwags are amusement for the old!
All the stories that a mansion hold

Monday, January 9, 2017


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Where the city’s light are sprightlier,
Dress smart, walk right;
Blind date, who paid?
Dream big, measure your stick,
Concrete all around, life - a brick!
Some treats and other tricks!
Never slow never slow,

Rare knock on the door, be quick,
When opportunities personify your future,
August summer Decembers’ cold,
Don’t let it go, be bold!
Embrace and smote your life to gold,
Let it be remembered, you create memories;
Of simple moments you hold;
The moving clock will anyway make us old!

Music in my ear I score,
Deep inside from the reminiscence store;
Holding hands young, munificent and poor,
Thickening sky, blue clouds no more;
Hardened soil, trees no more,
I am not sure of the next flight,
The weather man predicted it light!
I am on my way to the woods,
With my saga and few books,
Blissful and uphill;

My life! my food!



Saturday, January 7, 2017

The bubble

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I am thinking;
One more year gone by,
Some idiosyncratic events few closed eye,
Few trouncing, gains and some lies;
Moving on!
The journey is never about the ride,
Understanding depth, far and wide;
There are times we storm against the tide!!

I am thinking,
The days gone by,                           
Time spent untying all WHY!
Rallying cry;
Acquired knowledge shaping the man in you,
What about the soul?
When you grow old!
Life is beyond living!
I am being told!
Some stories engraved in gold;
Some lives are simply sold!!

I am reasoning;
Dodging prejudice and moving ahead;
Time waits for none;
I believe and so I run,
To reach the epoch of epistemology;

Now its your turn!!     

Friday, January 6, 2017


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Few of them I left behind,
Few friends are sunshine;
My homeland, the known terrain,
My old home is still kind,
Every Closet is filled with memories,
Some enormous and few secret stories;

Those young souls are old now,
I never saw them grow somehow;
Now when I look at life,
It engages and always divides,
The old house has mysterious eyes,
Jingle, tinkle, rattle, clink…
Continuous…the boat of Life. 

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