Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Don't we all?

I wrote this Poem few years back for a kid who wanted to present something to his class. It worked for him as a kid. I have not made any changes to this poem except 2 words and I hope you would be able to relate to this. Do leave your feedback.
Don't we all?
Waiting for a friend
I was sitting in my old car
Close to the Sunday bar,
overlooking the crossroad not too far.

Young children in colorful dress,
Babies sticking to their mothers breast;
Sign of winter and the Christmas ahead;
my friend nowhere in this snowy bed.

Must be thirty, I saw a man
meagerly dressed and unshaved;
Lack of food and liquid intake.
I should run now or he would beg.

I moved away after seeing his face,
Haggard and gapped, lonely deep blue eyes;
I’ve seen his kind,
“Sir, help me’ their only rhyme.

Not once he looked at me,
never stretched his hands for alms.
I must move I know his kind,
After all I don’t have much time.

His stairs made me mad
and I thought of closing this case
by paying him off which makes some sense.
“Hey! You, Need some help? I told.
He looked at me, stood up with a nice smile and said             

“Thank you sir, don’t we all?”

“DON’T WE ALL” How true is that,
Just three words, all said.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


A wrong poem in the right state of mind

Where do you go when the stakes are low?
And you still have to bet your life.
Where do you sleep when your dreams are borrowed?
And your life conditioned and mirrored.

When do you decide before you call it a decision?
And you are aware of the calamity ahead.
When do you voice out when the rulers go insane?
And the Disparagement is on you though in vain.

When do you live when your life gives up at times?
And your chums are in a living trance.
When do you smile when laughter is just a stimulus?
And the sadness and pains are humongous

You tend to wake up from deep slumbers,
To find out you are still exhausted;
Complicated math’s of life you espoused,
Now what? Your time has come to pronounce?

The signs are clear

The signs are clear
The signs are clear and I am not too far,
The road is dark and dusty;
The Climb arduous and I am thirsty,
But that emblematic gesture and I am not too far.

Life has many meanings for a thinking mind,
Sometimes we strain and cry;
Before I count my last breath,
Feeling of triumph I need, I should try.

The signs are clear and I am not too far,
If I nosedive today, who will laugh?
I have left a trail of laughter’s behind,
Life has many meanings for a thinking mind,

We live many lives and die once;
Spouse, brother, Mother and friend;
Sister, daughter and a loving father till the end,
Who else am I? I need to comprehend.

Let me expunge my name and my affairs,
Pull my clothes and fancy dreams;
Who am I now? Can I pretend?
Life has many meanings and I do intend.

Monday, February 27, 2012

The "Then" and "Now"

Virtual talks, virtual boss,
Feelings virtual reality furtive;
Visions, dreams all killing,
Truth nowhere and lie a fugitive.

I am yours, you are mine it’s indeed a funny verse
like the morning dew silently away from the marsh;
Almighty - blessings to your soul,
Are you back from your stroll?

Wordsworth's daffodils lost in some concrete jungle,
My inspiration in those old pages;
Shakespeare's world closing and lost,
Who would be tomorrows host?

Happiness can be measured and sadness immense,
Poor - we are indeed;
Dying poles and undying speed,
I know not where we have reached.

What about the "Then" and "Now'?
Are we surviving? Somehow?
No thoroughfare, we are still moving;
let’s start working on our "Now"

Let’s not try nature, never try to tame.
Let the weather decide the rain;
Lets create better children for tomorrow
and forget about better tomorrow for our children

Here Comes Death Galloping

am still working on this Poem and will take some time to complete it because of the complexity of the subject. Anyways, here I present you “Here comes Death Galloping” for a preview. I hope you enjoy and also share your feedback
Here comes Death Galloping

Here comes Death Galloping,                                
To take away the child in you;
Leaving behind lust and greed;
Here comes Death Galloping in his nimble steed.
Here comes Death Galloping,
To take away the virtuousness in you,
Leaving behind a corrupt baffound mind;
Here comes Death Galloping to the corner of the barathrum.

Here comes Death Galloping,
Along the chthonic alley of the human soul;
Today HE is killed by the reformist cognizance,
Here comes Death Galloping plugging in annihilation and revenge.

Here comes Death Galloping,
The Satan riding behind to take love away;
The preserved halidom now out in the bazaar,
Save your soul do not leave your ingresses ajar.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Pretty Day

A poem inspired by the Mumbai Climate this season.

A Pretty day started with colours and sound,
Pretty people around – they flirt, love bound;
Traveller of the blues,
They don’t discern pain;
Sometimes even love is in chain,
The rainbow overshadowed by rain.

Many lost what they gained,
Still a pretty day will never know one’s pain;
Sky bewildered by the floating cloud,
Bewitched and mesmerised by the crowd,
In this street of fancy dreams;
The sky has now turned pink.

Many eyes now do blink,
For some heavenly flinch;
With the snowy mountains behind,
A pretty day is always divine,
I see hunters in the trail;
Multifaceted, complex and beautiful – this nature’s braille.



A simple poem for your Sunday. Hope you enjoy. please do leave your feedback


If you tend to deviate,
Your energy will never radiate,
If you fail to unleash your heart;
You may never start.
Thread Light Rays

If your ego is high,
Learning will take a distant cry;
If your imagination is dry,
Confrontation with life will shy.

Perception always become reality,
If founded in fact,
Hell was always inside us;
Heaven too and its gate.

Shamsud A

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Compte Rendu

O.K first let me help you with  'Compte Rendu' which means a Report. So this is a  report i am submitting to my readers.This Poem depicts the simple truth of Life. Do help me with your feedback.
compte rendu
Hollo Pollo nescient today.
Their life in a suitcase
Crosses boarders from savage soil
Into habitats - Plight untold.

Fear and accomplishment juxtaposed.
Shame and relief, young and old.
Many a promises being sold
Cloudy moonlight - your story unfolds.

Back in time with Stone Age truth
Fights for flesh
Oh ! The colour of the brook.
Heaven or hell - know not they. They pray.

New land found, years from now.
Yesterday's tomorrows lost in today.
Why change Pluto and not our fate?
Rising water it’s not late.

Good old days, let's find our place.

Shamsud Ahmed

Friday, February 24, 2012



Happiness and sadness
a measure of our mood;
strength and weakness
life is good.

Light and darkness
a measure of our eyes;
slow and swiftness
truth wins over all lies.

Sweet and sourness
a measure of our tongue;
slow and swiftness
heart beats, encouraged by the lung.

Clumsiness and Frolicsomeness
a measure of our youth;
life blooms when harnessed
a measure we all should







I sleep in silence longing for a dream,
Tonight I need to pacify my pains;
I wonder what the lonely moon does
When its twinkling gets blocked by the cloudy rains.

I wait in silence to kill the daylight,
Not sure with night what I would gain;
But I wait in silence for I don’t bring the grain,
Always in silence to break this mental chain.

I sing aloud the same song as I know not others,
Aloud to let the world know my existence;
Aloud and spread my arms for those nondescript eyeballs,
Aloud! Cause no one out there today hears my calls.

I run in excitement to meet my destiny,
This is what I longed for all these days;
The final countdown everyone will see,
I embrace this moment for better greenery.

I fly through the lights unknown unseen,
Heavenly twinkling I never have been;
I see equality of thoughts and moods,
Let me now define bad and the goods.

I sleep now not longing for a dream,
My cravings fulfilled to the brim;
The eye balls now turned on me,
My cogitation and hallucinations – I am free.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Along The Shore

Along the shore is a Rhythmic Poem. You simply need to dive into it and flow with the verse. Let me know if you like it.

There is a street along the shore of our life,
This leads to solitude and freedom.
I want to walk that path for that sight.
There is a street along the shore of life

There is a house along the shore of our dream,
This lets me to my bosom’s unparalleled adoration,
I want to live and praise my existence
There is a house along the shore of our dream,

There is someone along the shore of our existence,
This takes me to my soul mates and beyond;
I want to meet that malacodermous damsel,
There is a person along the shore of our existence

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A Poem which needs slow careful reading. The poem speaks about the unequality all around and the absurdity of life.Please leave your comments. I am not a great poet and hence the titile…in case you did not like what you can very easlily say that this is from a Anonymuncle.

The sciolist on the run for his share of fame,
Burdened Ragpickers in the street;
Their role in the society never counted,
Abligurition-taking away their share of life, they bleed.
Death now mounted.

Whose life we lead? Anyway,
I mock mine every day,
For the well beings are well fed;
These autodeist Well-fed in their glorious bed,
Poor’s Perennial fight to live against welcoming death.

Today the mall sells meats in grams;
Hardworking labors paid only alms;
The hands that packed those pieces are worthless,
Take mine to those slums,
Their drapetomania and those guns?

Let the weather decide the rain,
Let your deeds surpasses all pain;
Let the moon decides the night,
And your journey, the ride,
Let our children take some pride.


A new Poem on a Thursday morning. This is a Poem inspired by life again. I have written this poem in 2 phase. So you might find 2 mindset playing in the poem. Hope you enjoy.
Like the whirlpool in the Ocean,
Like the typhoon from the sky;
Like those forest fire of the east,
Like those natives in the beach.

And those swirl inside my mind,
And the wind runs with the time;
And those fire in my breast;
All native today put to rest.

For those fortune you would not carry;
For that maiden you would not marry,
For that life you crossed the gorge,
For today I see all in the morgue.

Why not seek for our own roots?
Why not we go back to the books?
Why not pioneer a new momentum?
A new race under your ever smiling sun?

Shamsud A

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


This is a very raw poem and I will continue to improve this one. This is the first look and is not completed. I will submit the completed work soon. Please do leave your feedback.

I went to the hill searching for life,
This place has lost its glory;
Unequal City Unequal divide,
Craters all around; No lights in sight.

I went to the monastery searching for peace,
This habitat has lost its speed;
Thoughtful wishes unfulfilling greed,
I Sojourn here; No lights indeed.

I went to the sea searching for new land,
A hope to start afresh and anew;
Wipe and undo the past filled with lust, Retreat!
Lost in the whirlpool; No lights indeed.

I went to dead searching for life,
A tiring journey at the end;
Life – I found here with open arms .Freed!
I met myself here; Lights indeed.

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Shamsud A

The Fugitive

I wrote a note long back,
Not one around;
And I long for a read,
A critique all I need.

I wrote a song long back,
No audience around;
A soiree all I need,
Musical soiree indeed.

I touched a verse long back,
Inspiration moisturized into it;
A rhythm all I need,
Fruit of my seed.

I met a mirror long back,
Nothing I could see;
Darkness all around,
Music, Lights and the sound.

I met myself long back,
Nothing I understood;
Now with one more look,
I know the journey I undertook.

Disillusioned we stood,
Meet yourself in silence;
Many soul lost out of negligence,
Never - this one in all your sense

 Shamsud A

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Here i present you a very simple Poem. Hope you enjoy.


These are words. Do words make sense?
Without them, I am still tense.
Dumb and deaf, the verses you bore,
Even a bird has sense.

Rivers and seas, all to the shore.
Birds and bees, your thoughts so pure ;
Hillocks and Hummocks, what do you see?
Wild Flowers, maybe that wilder tree.

Stars that twinkle into the frozen brook.
Peaceful fish in your hook,
Do you cry when it pricks?
Long for life, few more breath.

Evaporating greenery for man-made land,
Nature’s answer – “No more sand”
Sanity lost, where are we to?
Was their habitat, now in the zoo?

Cheers and keep Winning,
Shamsud A

Friday, February 17, 2012

The Tombstone Verse

orkut beautiful flower scraps

This is a very popular Poem from my collection and many people has used this poem in different ways to motivate and inspire others. Few of them have used the Poem for professional training. Not sure how you take this poem. Let me ask you one question- Do you need a second chance?

Come on can leave your feedback on this Poem and also tell us if you have a story to tell. In case yes....I will convert that to a short poem which can be used by everyone ..
This should not happen to anyone and we should accomplish everything in this very life….Read on. I am not sure of Rebirth
I walked to the gate of the old cemetery
a visit to an old friend’s tomb
to tell him that I still long
for his friendship and days bygone.

Rows and columns of lifeless stones
few very old and some so young.
Death showered on all of them
engulfing all hopes , aspirations and feckless shame.

One tombstone caught my eyes
written in gold all at once
the name,year and one more verse
“Alas, I had a second chance”.

“Alas, I had a second chance”
the young dead said.
Are we ready for that date?
Close your eyes, what you read?

Life is short and work too many,
look ahead and you can sense the ringing bell.
No one gets a second chance
when we move to lifeless trance.

Live life and sow good seed,
think again, what it should read?
“Wake me up and I will tell
amazing things, what I did”

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Thank you for coming back again, 
Though i have published this poem during the creation of Blog this; I am sharing this again. This is the poem which inspired me to create this BLOG and also my Book - " I AM DIRTY; I NEED WASHING" which is doing well now.

I have not tried the make the below poem complex ...rather the Poem is very simple with a strong message ...... it talks of the fact that we are all Dirty and at times we all need some cleansing of the soul :) . Hope you enjoy and please leave your feedback.


The mall is decorated with colourful lights,
sign of approaching Christmas
and I am out in this festive madness;
Shopping blues in everyone’s eyes.

Young man and women, happy faces around
shopping cart, excitement, wild dreams and mesmerising sound.
I am done with my part
Its time to depart.

Suddenly the weather played its role
sunshine blocked by clouds of gold
and it began to rain, music to my ear.
Hundreds trapped, unhappy and sad, I can hear.

Childhood memories of young days
paper boat and all those maze,
No worries, what ever it be
never busy in mind, always free.

And than I heard a seven year speak
to her mom in the crowd.
“Lets run mommy” , the child shouted
“No ! We will get wet” , her mom was loud.

Her face was pale with hardship and pain,
Her fear seems to be beyond the rain;
This is when the child spoke,
And I realized their Christmas drought.

“But you said by daddy’s bed
about his cancer and asked him to rest,
If Lord wishes this will also pass,
faith only will ensure, we all last.”

Divine silence I can feel, know not why?
I can see few of them cry.
All desperate to hear the mother reply
heart broke wishes and few more cry.

“Yes, baby lets run fast
Maybe we are a little dirty today
and we need washing”. They ran
into the street, in the rain.

Hundreds followed and danced to the rain
Shopping bags, all young and old
Tears and water, I saw them all
today in the shopping mall,

I followed and I also ran
To be a part of this divine fun
I am dirty too, I need washing
I was dirty and I needed washing

If lord wishes everything would pass
memories of that evening would always last.

Cheers and Keep Winning,

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