Tuesday, December 18, 2012

There is an end!

There is an end!!!
Sometimes hope is nothing but unfulfilled dreams;
Dreams – hardwired yearnings over time,
Achievement – It never rhyme,
Fulfil only when you are at your prime!
Love has always moved with time,
Love personifies humanity – divine,
New Avatar in the human mind,
Love – the sun still shine;
Love – the pristine deity of human pain,
Sometimes bondage and always in chain!
Sometimes rainbow against stormy rain,
Can also be ugly blood stain?
Sometimes shame!

Cleanse – prove your spirituality!?
Your subject need not be in captivity,
Clean the streets,
The hopefuls are carrying their dreams,
Their food their means;
Wake up!
Clean our river;
Of pirates and diseases,
Our children shiver,
This battle is not yet a war,
The cowboys are not that far!
You know this storm every moon;
There is an end – very soon!
There is an end – very soon!

The injured are taken to the hospital;
And the dead to the morgue,
What about her tonight?
Who will show her the light?
This battle is not yet a war,
The cowboys are not that far!
You know this storm every moon;
There is an end – very soon!
There is an end – very soon!

Monday, December 17, 2012


Those who suffer the most are living,
They have reasons to breath,
Those who are in pain are living;
This is when I turn back and look at the mirror,
I draw energy and move away from the horror;
Of life! Near ones and those of today’s emperor,

I cultivate love and water them,
Funny! Yes I am also a part of your game,
Tear drops are sometimes washed by the rain,
Blood can be evil sometimes just stain,
Happiness can be burden….disdain!!!
Wild birds are prying on my grain.
Love down the drain?

Everything has changed but love,
Mother still cries for her dead warrior,
Help! Behold! Let us carry those injure,
The war! There is no cure,
Can I borrow your gun tonight?
My child needs to live,
Let me fight for his right,
Bury me away in darkness;
Never in the light,
Let me fight for his right,

Friday, December 14, 2012

Re christened!

Re christened!
May be I am stronger today,
Because of what I experienced,
May be I am happy,
Because today things make sense;
Maybe poor;
For what I have lost,
And rich!
Because of lives I came across.

I am hopeful;
Do I have an option?
My notions!
There is pain in every lesson,
Colours in every season;
Options behind every reason,
Death defeats at times but life goes on!
Living! A mission!?

Call your faith,
Call for the lord;
It’s your turn to board,
Your time on the road,
Memories preserved stories wrote;
Food down your throat,
Soothsayers are awake;
But I am broke!

Friday, December 7, 2012


I am a good interviewer,
Intrigued by facts;
The night helps me update,
I decide and you forsake,
You too get late,
Risk factory in the horizon,
Your days are my season;
Living needs no reason,
For few deaths is a goal and moral vision,

Hatred ingrained in your Childs heart,
Fate hard wired at birth;
And we talk of a new start,
A new beginning,
Amongst all dirt,
Grasses can always be greener,
Provided you water them,
Humanity! Pamper them!

You can always take a wrong turn,
It’s fun!
Never the wrong road,
Row your own boat!
Make your float;
Bad times?
Life is not about growth;
Build your dreams –broad,
Your words…..thirsty throats!

Thursday, December 6, 2012



My mind, my thoughts;
How much they are touched?
How many times I am hurt,
How many rotations of my ego;
How many rotations of the earth!
How many signs of insecurity?
How much ruthless treaty!?

So much to lead a life,
On my own device;
Rules scaled down to the bone,
Dreams epitomised to stone,
Rivulets drained…they are gone,
We are all war-torn;
Humanity…awaiting rebirth to reborn!!!

There is calmness after every thunderous storm.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Buy the Sea!

Buy the Sea!
A man with limitations,
Can live with reasons;
His months and seasons,
His goals and visions,
His Legions;
Of logic customised,

Limitations, curved out of hallucinations,
Curved out of hope;
Buried in skewed scope,
The tricks, the rope;
We are all sailing boats,
Life! Unmarked roads,

Hallucinations, the visions of life,
Buried under opaque thought ice;
Few achieved and many died,
Take me for a ride,
Darkness is when someone buries his light;
Your destination is beyond your sight,
A fight is never your might;

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