Saturday, September 29, 2012

Old house!

Old house

Few of them I left behind,
Few friends are sunshine;
My homeland, the known terrain,
My old home is still kind,
Every Closet is filled with memories,
Some enormous and few secret stories;

Those young souls are old now,
I never saw them grow somehow;
Now when I look at life,
It engages and always divides,
The old house has mysterious eyes,
Jingle, tinkle, rattle, clink…
Continuous…the boat of Life. 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

No More Credulous!

No More Credulous!

Empowerment in isolation makes no sense,
Knowledge and learning brings in change;
Music and rhythm has always inspired to dance,
Sometimes a simple hiatus can lead to deep trance

Channelled excitements of the past are serious business today,
Your hearts along with your mind are reluctant to obey;
Ancient protocols hard wired into our soul;
Instincts are cultures, never gets old,
Feelings are customs organised inside,
Along the hearts sidewalk…love reside.

The wayward wind can break the silence,
Your life can topple at a glance;
Build a gateway, remove that fence,
There is load but we see balance,
We carry a piece of the dark continent inside,
We belong to the beginning;
Darkness always followed by light,
Colour of the skin defined by your eyes,
Excitement in your eyes defined by your rise!?

Some love to believe and many live in doubts,
This is your calling – the final shout;
Clear the debris and sing aloud,
There is no west and let’s not talk of south;
East, North we are equally proud!
From the distant sky and from space afar,
I hear only heart beats revolving our star!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012



Entrenched with golden sunshine,
Your beauty bathed in summer warmth;
Armed with saccharinity, you redefine pristine,
Today I saw Life by my side,
In the deserted street of my heart;
Everlasting! How you ignite?

Further down the age,
There is an outrage;
Of owning a piece of that dream,
Can we team?
To win a life against those pathos!
There is calmness after all chaos.
There is a road beyond the wilderness;
There is hope in todays’ bitterness.

You enchanted everyone in the crowd,
You grew taller and I loud!
The meadows are not watered for eons;
You created a father and many sons,
You signed separations with wild thorns,
Your journey overturned many storms,

Days are getting longer,
Younger and stronger!
I have buried all the pains;
Yonder by the valley of rains,
Past can blot your present with stain,
Your yardstick is what you gain!
I am the corpse today – do not uncover,
Behold! You were never my lover;
My heartbeats dried with time,
While you bathed in golden sunshine.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Take your sun,
I love darkness;
Burn the moon,
I love the stars,
Bury humanity,
I have a heart
Your guns are hatred;
I am departing with my loved one,
The music is on,
In the street of humanity;
Heartbeats are infinity!
Living! Insanity!

The last rite is over,
Now hide or run for cover;
Poacher in the hunt,
Houses in the east – burnt!
The murderers are selling happiness,
Heavenly pleasure – exchange your readiness;
Your Policies are well cooked,
One more booked,
Words are fun in enclosed hollow;
Today every word – they swallow,
Plaintive news in the gazette,
The world – A stage?!

Sunday, September 16, 2012



I meander when my mind goes down;
Wander when my thoughts are only sound;
Infinitesimal footsteps from the past,
Few survived the journey few breath their last,
Some yearning buried in my heart,
For death we took birth;
For a life…we all start!

We traverse in the boat of hope,
Suspended in fervent dreams – the rope!
A beginning needed for every start;
Religion is governed only by birth,
Smudged with time – far from the past,
Holistic deduction for a new path,
Love dictates the journey of the heart.
New world bounded by old Turf.

Sunshine cannot be potted,
Earth cordoned and fence dotted,
The ships are built but predilections jolted;
Here is your ticket!
Go find your world,
Loiter in the wilderness!
Find your soul – A heart of gold;
Many climates from today, your story will unfold,
Humanity – again in the molding;
Darkness is an excuse to tomorrow’s sunshine,
Valor can coagulate your frail spine! 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Song…

Stock vector of 'Greenery'
A Song…

I can feel the night behind me,
The fading light sucks the old tree;
Feel the rain in your face and feet,
No one can feel that for you.
I am in love!
The world is ignorant about this life;
You mockery adds to this tide,
The tornado changes its course;
Leaving traces of undying remorse!

Today, I saw the children grow,
It redefines my time and age;
The mountains ages with grace,
Signs of fragile human race,
We can be early or late,
Life in the edge of a razor blade;
How many died;very few we can trace!
The grownups are still growing,
Needy still borrowing!

I wonder what you think;
How you think?
About life going down the sink,
What you feel?
What you feel?
When you steal!?
Happiness from the heart;
How you feel?
Hollowness- from the very start?
Where do you go?
When you are low?

Thursday, September 6, 2012



Every destination leads to new memories,
You compile reality everyday;
Some pebbles lost in the bay,
Surviving souls are hopes in your way.

Oh! The mighty sun,
What you saw in the road;
The cooks are busy in their Lives stove,
Water your happiness to harvest some love.

Actuality and factuality of life,
You device pain and cultivate all vice;
There is a growing tide,
You decide your stride!

Now when the moon grows full,
You decide and break the rule;
Those innocents are not fool,
Killer – go back to your school!?

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