Tuesday, January 31, 2012



The last thing on earth is never the last,
A change only, the old one’s rust;
The last thing always does starts,
Clairvoyance for the dog that bark.

Corporal gnarled – the left alone,
Influxes from our tomorrow and the next;
And persistence scotches the succulent memory,
Now I will start sorely.

Vervain your vestibule – I passed,
Even though that was my last;
No university of life exist,
If you follow the rhythm we all last.

Conditioned mindset you know,
We break again – we bow;
Something absurd but wholesome fear,
Those basics I still bear.

The only road I foresee,
Someone for this jester at the edge;
Smooth and roughness I can sledge,
All my memories buried in my bed.

This is a Poem - currently i am working on for my upcoming book "SHADES AND VERSES"

Monday, January 30, 2012



Millions of reasons to die and not one to live,
Life sometimes drags, pushes hard never forgives.
Your past reflects your today somehow
And your tomorrow is now.

Every day seems to be a year
When we are down.
Every night I fear
Have lost my last tear?

Every step vanquished my desire
of togetherness, I remain incomplete,
In this world of relative ponderings
Meanings customized to suit our bearings.

Trapped in the truth of my virgin subconsciousness
The real world behind it.
Manipulated thoughts and more to come,
A fearsome self confidence for some.

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Thank You

I thank you all the visitors to flipkart and your feedbacks and also the mails. I will reply to all the mails you all have sent across to me soon.

Cheers and Keep Reading,

Shamsud Ahmed
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Saturday, January 28, 2012


This is a Poem written in the year 2008. It talks about the unknown,unseen rhythm of Life. Hope you enjoy.

Many a Poems ago, verses were written,
the verses of thoughts.
Inspired by nature, the language they caught
and rhythms were born.

The rhythm of the sea,
The rhythm of the wind,
The rhythms of the birds and bees
and the rhythm of the flowers and trees.

Though not poet, we all rhyme.
Death rhymes with life,
sadness with happiness.
Every movement nature devise is a rhythm of life.

Unseen, unknown we follow uniformity
of breath and thoughts
released and realise only when sad.
Pensive mood when things go bad.

We are all poets in our own rights,
Try and understand the rhythm of days and nights.
Everything that rhymes in your sight
examples of the Great One’s rhythmic might.
[ Shamsud Zaman Ahmed ]

Few of the comments left by the Vistors @ http://www.voicesnet.org/displayonepoem.aspx?poemid=121467

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How very true Shumud we are all poets in our own right! Unseen unknown we follow uniformity of breath and thoughts Released and realise only when sad pensive mood when things go sad! I enjoyed this very talented and clever write Shumud!
shamsud Ahmed
Thank you Lee. I enjoyed writing this poem.
'We are all poets in our own rights,/Try and understand the rhythm of days and nights.' ... I like this idea, that every person has their own poetic approach ... and enjoyed your poem

Friday, January 27, 2012


Hysteric and obsession all I know;
Foresaken the dates I am low.
As usual someone far from the Mela;

As usual someone separated in a throw.
One last nap in my bed;
Still I sojourn for a comfort in your breast.
Spoilt – I want to rest;

A Slumber deep soothing sometimes you get late.
Nostalgic old time outflows and undone;
Thou should not go for the crowd.
Bloody hunters out in the thoroughfare;

Rusty Shield standing proud.
In the garden with my hatchet;
For the fruit with the rain.
For the feast I do tame;

Sometimes all I want is my grain.
And the time - bleak memory;
And the time – bleak destiny. Could be fortified and judged;
Bewitched, sometimes memories rust.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


I never saw the snowflakes,
I have never been to the peaks,
I never saw the ocean,
Never been to a land where it resides.

The River - my companion,
Never saw the foundation,
I hope to see the end some day
Cause I plan to see the sea

I never saw those eyes,
But I know the fear within;
Of loss and hardship,
When they sail the warship.

I never know that language,
But I can feel the odium;
I am the kill today,
Few more breadths, if escaped.

I will never see the snowflakes,
Nor the Ocean;
The River – Not my chum now;
In this tiny cell – my home now.

Waiting for my turn in isolation,
Darkness sometimes makes you look inside,
Sometimes makes you gather courage;
Courage to die, don’t even know the time and age.

(The above is a Poem from my upcoming book "SHADES and VERSES)

"I Am Dirty; I Need Washing" available across leading website in India and Abroad

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Fisherman – Your boat is drifting,
Take my hand, bring it ashore.
Inalienable hardship at work,
Never known to my hungry fork.

Army man – Your march is tiring,
Take my feet and my boots – make your trip.
Those icy thorns pricks you everywhere,
Ignorant habitat here let me be there.

Courtesan – There is someone at the door,
Tonight let me go, you mend your sore.
Happiness sold in this market of deaths,
Dream abandoned nights for tasteless breads.

Mother – Don’t let your child grow,
Let it be there at your breast.
Those vultures and ugly Crow
There is still a tomorrow

Friday, January 20, 2012


( I am adding one more Poem from the Book)

Working In a paddock,
I heard a sweet ditty;
It’s indeed a fairy’s song,
Sharing the nature, a bit of her beauty.
I threw my hatchet in a haste,
Went up the hummock in search of the guest.
I saw the lily bright.
But the owner never in my sight.
I crossed the gorge,
And I crossed the ford.
I saw the leafy thistle,
I saw the naughty squerrel;
I came closer and closer,
To the sound of some clatter;
What’s this, its only the sound,
The owner of it I never found.

The book is available now at Flipkart I Am Dirty;I Need Washing

Monday, January 16, 2012


The mall is decorated with colourful lights
sign of approaching Christmas
and I am out in this festive madness;
Shopping blues in everyone’s eyes.

Young man and women, happy faces around
shopping cart, excitement, wild dreams and mesmerising sound.
I am done with my part
Its time to depart.

Suddenly the weather played its role
sunshine blocked by clouds of gold
and it began to rain, music to my ear.
Hundreds trapped, unhappy and sad, I can hear.

Childhood memories of young days
paper boat and all those maze,
No worries, what ever it be
never busy in mind, always free.

And than I heard a seven year speak
to her mom in the crowd.
“Lets run mommy” , the child shouted
“No ! We, will get wet” , her mom was loud.

“But you said by daddy’s bed
about his cancer and asked him to rest,
If Lord wishes this will also pass,
faith only will ensure, we all last.”

Divine silence I can feel, know not why?
I can see few of them cry.
All desperate to hear the mother reply
heart broke wishes and few more cry.

“Yes, baby lets run fast
Maybe we are a little dirty today
and we need washing”. They ran
into the street, in the rain.

Hundreds followed and danced to the rain
Shopping bags, all young and old
Tears and water, I saw them all
today in the shopping mall,

I followed and I also ran
To be a part of this divine fun
I am dirty too, I need washing
I was dirty and I needed washing

If lord wishes everything would pass
memories of that evening would always last.


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