Wednesday, March 28, 2018


source: wikipedia

We talk of life?
Check the street;
Blood, sweat and unending trail,
Is the other side of their vagaries!
The oil wells of yesterday are gone,
New riches are born;
Human data!
Is the art and new station!

Alternative truth is the new fact;
Diseased soul, fractured mind;
Peasant beg for an ounce of bread,
Wayward gestures behind your six pack!
Do not construct; hold the land,
Warmer earth, hold the sand;
This oven is heating, your disdain!
Let it Rain! Rain! Rain!
Free all Pain! Pain! Pain!
Not all marks are dirty stain,
Your sewage find the drain!

Who beget and who uses your fire?
Gun beget guns!
Human in the run;
East on fire,
They die no one retire!
Children Cry!
Mothers run dry!
Your starry laws are all but a lie!
Triggering vehemence;
And they Die! Die ! Die!

In the sidewalk of yesterday,
I saw some greens!
Your true venerations trounced and now all whims;
Drying spring leaving behind carcass of once efficient life;
Rivers running from the rain,
Sky though is still blue and white,
Our hearts culminating in obscure, infinity and dark;
Where there were hearts filled with love;
Today only few dying Spark! Spark ! Spark!
Where is the light??

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