Saturday, March 31, 2012


My sunshine vanished in the cloud,
 And the moon cleverly hides you in its shadow;
Whom should I blame?
You blamed it on the sun.

You brought happiness along,
Silently absorbed sadness and made me strong;
You added me to multiply when you are gone,
This bundle of happiness – our son.

All riches – makes no sense,
Food and honey – lacks judiciousness,
Time heals – makes no sense,
Aging maturity – makes no sense,
Baby – my child let’s dance in the rain,
Every breadth is now for you in this chain.

Can I meet you by the heaven’s gate?
Escort me to the judgment and my fate.

Shamsud A
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My Caballero

My Caballero
There is a blissful beauty in your face
You tend to hide behind that shadowy maze;
You tend to move with night – unrest,
Tonight I saw you in your best dress.

The king’s men are in the hunt,
Today - Run your weapon is blunt;
I will hone them when you are back,
Today – save yourself from this livid attack.

For thousand nights I will wait,
For my dainty knight at the gate;
Even if I perished or you get late,
I will be there in the heavenly gate.

Today I see your divine match,
The Gods are here to see you combat;
Earth will remember your glorious death,
And heaven opens its gate.

Shamsud A

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The brazen clashes, the maiden came.

An Ode to Love

The brazen clashes, the maiden came.

One in pain and go insane;
Tough! The call,
For that single gold,
The brazen clashes, the maiden came.

Love is the game and many a name,
Rough! The heart is disdain.
Failure – A Shame;
The brazen clashes, the maiden came.

Hold your breath one more time;
Damsel in distress;
Help her – get into your finest dress,
The brazen clashes, the maiden came.

Holy! Holy! Oh! Holy soul,
Almighty! Help I am old;
Perturbed by this saintly frame;
The brazen clashes, the maiden came.

How would this blossom grow,
Through rough and snow;
What if the wind brings rain?
The brazen clashes, the maiden came.

Love rush – life brush,
Paint my life;
Empower, engulf and show me the light;
I am out in the cold for this fight.

The brazen clashes, the maiden came.
Shamsud A
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Welcome Summer

We have started feeling the heat in Mumbai. I have put together this quick poem to welcome Summer. Hope to write a better and a more elaborate one soon. Till than have fun and all those blessed part of India where you are still enjoying your winter…………have a great time too.
Welcome Summer!
Winter Chill killed,
Woolen wardrobes gone;
Warmer days are fast;
Summer here at last.

Autumn hours are soothing,
Winter a blast;
Spring came with a spurt,
Summer here at last.

Seminaries would be rested,
Retreat and vested;
Nature’s mission I trust,
Summer here at last.
Shamsud A
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Back Home

Today I present you with a poem written few years back. This is a little abstract and would need few readings as the poem is full of graphics. I no more write similar poems. Also recently one of my poem is published by . I am really grateful to the Editor for selecting my work to publish in their site. You can read the poem here.
Also Frogcroon has published one of my work last month: Debauched Medicament

Back Home
Ablaze - the town I see,
Mall of wild and bee.
Thorny life acidified to the nerve;
Some for the smoke and others only herbs.

Smoky scenario amidst I dwell,
Though away I have the smear;
Away for the one now gone
Again the dying flowers with the living thorn.
Wake you up in the middle of the dark
now in my part only crows bark.

Animals, Animals, Why are you watered?
Along with you I am.
Me against the ground;
and you deep into it.

Rough life socialized to rules
Customs old, only for the fools.
Let me change with one more from the vault;
A bonding absent under my belt.

Shamsud A

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Light! Bright! Right!

Light! Bright! Right!

Long list, more wish;
Your need  – please squeeze;
The earth quakes
Do your thought vault knows?

Magician’s spell, kids applauds;
High five low life;
Same road – back and forth;
One change and hope grows.

Eternal task no luck,
One try and you might fly;
Day dream night trimmed;
Wake up and move – I see the gleam.

Pessimist ride – never in sight,
Cut the crap and let hope takes the flight;
Fall, fall and more falls, Rise – fall;
This is the only way for your soul.

Shamsud A

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Searching in the backdrop of civilization,
The lost eons of tomorrow;
Nothing real in deals;
Lost fortune, some more bills.

Jeopardized happiness,
Pompously made laughter;
And those bloody ragamuffin,
Cautiously belted all cats and so far.

Twenty of them lost,
Yes, more to go;
Time flooded my skin;
Here, today I bow.

Zillions of them lost,
No more to go;
Just me in this barren soil,
Is it you – Who toil?

Hatred Swallowed once more,
Ayah! now and once more;
Love out of those illusions;
Pregnant kisses you bore. 

Shamsud A

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Barbed Wire

This is a poem dedicated to the Refugees of the world who needs our love and support.This Poem is 'Work in Progress' and you will see a refined/better version soon.( Version 2.1)

Barbed Wire

With Optimism, reveries and ambitions they move,
with death snubbed and life in the cross fire,
their world in a suitcase- they move;
Destination anywhere – this human chain – moves.

From their soil in Bangladesh;
to the land of the might rhinos,
they cross the mighty Brahmaputra;
Heavy heart, wild fancies and hope,

From the land of Mexico,
To mighty America;
From the land of the Czars,
To unknown habitat- and beyond the Thar.

Expatriates, Refugees, Emigrants?
Vietnamese...........They move,
Life in a suitcase; only option- they choose.

No soul adjudicate such fate,
Sometime it gets late;
Their life enclosed in the edge of a razor blade,
The Wars!
Nature’s folly!
Liquidations? And more
They race.

The world was a free land and was never fenced;
The Mexicans now digging;
Few swims to exaltation; out of sense.
Few enclosed in ampoules, sails in painful symphony,
Trying to re-write their destiny.

If money can’t buy happiness;
Ask the poor the cost of blood;
If money can’t buy happiness;
Ask the courtesan the cost of lust;

Money can’t buy happiness?
The sea makes you smile;
But what takes you that mile?
Life in a suitcase- wild.

Shamud A
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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Debauched Medicament

This is a old poem written few months back. The Poem depicts "Bad" and how "bad" has changed over time. Debauched medicament simply means Bad medicine..

Anyway i am trying to promote poetry to the mass and i believe we were poetic when we started as human being (homo sapiens) in this earth. All languages (the old one) are good proof. look at the old writing...... Mahabharata, Othello etc. Those were all poetic. help me in this endeavor and join hand with me at . That way i will know i have some energy behind me. You can also join me in twitter. 

Cheers and keep winning
Debauched Medicament 
The bacchanal abactor is back again,
To play his gamewith a beele;
Drives his hunt away to the unknown,
This cacogen is wild and rides like a claviform.

Repudiated by his folks,
He is in folklore’s and limericks;
His heroics though reprehensible,
He lives and is a true fabulist.

Today the fandango has changed,
He no more rushes for the wild;
This concrete jungle has more for him,
There is more in the life of human being.

He sneaks in the darkness,
Drives like a claviform in flight;
To hunt his prey – this time cold blooded,
This brings in dosh, loaded.

His is fatidical and happy with his mactation,
No more in folklore and limericks;
But in the gazetter every day,
Hides in the magnality grottos of today.

He is many faces and many names,
With one mission of obliteration;
His mammonism is immense,
His death brings in more manace.

Shamud A
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Friday, March 23, 2012

Thank You

Dear Visitor,
It’s been close to three months since I started blogging after publishing my first book “I AM DIRTY;I NEED WASHING”. It’s been a fantastic journey and I would like to take this opportunity through this post to thank each one of you (more than 7000 visitors in 18 weeks) for all your time and feedback/s. I would also like to update you all on my new book -“Thy Pulchritude which is published as a kindle version on the 22nd of March 2012. I am working on the physical version of the book and this time I would be collaborating with few more writers to create a unique collection.

In the mean time I would also like to thank Debdatta Dasgupta for taking the time out to read my book and very kindly agreeing to post a review.

More Importantly I would like to thank my readers from INDIBLOGGER and REDDIT.
Cheers and Keep Winning,
Shamud A
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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Alternate Reality

Alternate Reality
Tonight you sleep,
Let me fetch a dream for you;
Let me embalm all pains and sing a lullaby
A ditty I am carrying for eons.
Do you ponder dreaming’ bout a life,
Of togetherness and beyond;
Or should I shower some roses into your reverie.

I have bought an onyx for enlightenment,
I have crossed the gorge to bury those Melancholy strains;
I know the dream merchants, who sell colored water,
Let me sprinkle some on you,
And take you to the shower of life;
Whose symphony lies in the garden of hope!

And when the morning star shines bright,
Let me wake you up and nourish you with the manna of love;
I am not a rhymester but I do sway,
And embody my heart with the tide of time;
Shamsud A
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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Euphemism - True Love

Euphemism – True Love
She dances with great élan,
And I dared her side long glance;
The plonk still strong in my head,
And I walked close to her space.

She murmured few magic spells,
The plonk still strong in my head;
I hope to prolong this date,
Eons gone I still feel her grace.

My search never ends,
I see the world go by;
Though I scopperloited the moment,
My hallucinations never die.

The scabiosa still in my head,
Good bye is not my asking;
It’s an inaudible and mute life;
My gulosity for your aura is never masking.

She said we will make it,
And she said I am a hero;
Shared time and many a kisses,
The unborn child and all riches.

I was a hero destined to win,
Always wild and charging;
My Steed shattered in this ancient ruin,
Good bye was never my asking;
Shamsud A.
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Her elegance mesmerising,
Overshadowed the moon when it is full;
She is bathed in gold and adorns silver in her smile,
She swamped my heart with lawless anxiety;
And I am christened a lover.

Escorted by fairy’s light;
I love the garden in the edge of the street;
She defines the beauty of the flowers;
I am a fool in smart sartorial;  
I never ventured into a love song.

Oh! For the fragrance from her long gone air,
I can die thousand deaths to reach that far;
I can dare to bet my soul and loose;
For this charismatic splendour,
I can see my sun rise in every blink and sense the odour.
 Shamsud A
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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Season changes!

Recently I have started receiving some real good feedback on my work and how to improve them. The below is an attempt to create something unique based on feedback from one of my readers. Thank you Doug.
Season changes!

I slept all morning and missed dawn,

The wet loam justified the rainfall long gone,

The candle while burning sheds tears;

How many leaves do the tree sheds during such storms.

Can never tell, can never tell and go wrong.

I am enslaved again and missed the dawn,

The thick blanket of white made it difficult to ensue;

But the fire within you made me amble through the valley,

I can see smoke through the old chimneys,

How many soldiers died in the chimneys of war?

Can never go, Can never go, in vain.

I can justify my Incarceration,

You’re Shadow which furled my siesta;

Turned to dark clouds and I live in dawn now.

Hope for the summer red and winter white is a dream now;

Who can count the blinks before a man die;

Can never know, Can never know, it pains.

Shamsud A

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A Pinch

A Pinch,
A pinch of soil, a pinch of fire,
A pinch of thought, a pinch of air;
I am a part from the pinch of humanity;
A pinch of shame and a pinch of grain,
I am the water in the pinch of rain.

A pinch of love, a pinch of sorrow,
I am the salt in the pinch of tear;
A pinch of beauty, a pinch of fear,
I am in the pinch of a prayer.

A pinch of happiness, a pinch of sunlight,
A pinch of the star - burning bright;
A pinch in the stream and desert rose,
I am the pinch when existence boast.

A pinch of hope,
A pinch of dream,
A pinch of struggle for a pinch of win;
A pinch of strength,
A pinch of sorrow,
A pinch of happiness for our tomorrow.

Shamsud A
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Monday, March 19, 2012


You will find meaning in this Jargogle thought :)

Ding-dong Ping-Pong,
Gotta go
Ring Prong

Deaf dumb heave Rung,
Gotta go
Think tank

Long dong pong bong,
I Gotta go
Song sung

Plain thief plaintiff,
I Gotta go
Stick stiff.

Toss toast brisk boast,
I Gotta go
Reap Roast.

Right write bright byte,
I Gotta go
Turn twice.

Sense dance mind trance,
I Gotta go
Long lance.
 Shamsud A
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Subtle Reality

Can there always be truth in honesty?
Can a blood line run though dynasty?
Man’s life is but a dream,
Continuously creating infinite patterns;
Like an abandoned boat in the sea.
We drift away from reality
When our child hood plants grows to adult tree.

God is hilarious,
Irrespective of his existence or not;
He expects uniformity from his flawless heterogeneity,
This is more than a jester can handle in all audacity.
Can there always be pain in ignominy?
And happiness in your success and victory?

Can you surpass life by simply dying and live by lying?
In search of a shadow to rest our tired body;
We are seldom cheated with dark clouds – we are nobody.
A looser always looks for the setting sun for asylum.

I see greenery beyond that mountain wall;
And hope around this new town;
I am not bothered now for those in the wild,
Let me begin this journey of thousand mile.

Shamsud A

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