Wednesday, December 28, 2016


You have been up against all odds,
You have been the one;
Solving and sorting things;
With all links,
And when the bell rings,
Lonely in some corner,
Realisation of life – stinks?
No! We need to do better,
We need to break the jinx,
A long way to go,
Maybe a better glimpse!

You synchronise your thoughts;
You savour all you brought!
You breathe to testify your living!
You cease to exercise – forgiving!
You enact the idol of togetherness,
Separating all reasons today;
They say – every dog has its day!

I can write a sonnet for you,
I can phrase the pain inside,
I can hide some tear drops,
So that you ride!
But you are your thoughts,
You are your life!
Sometimes you draw light;
Hallucinations bright!
Your illusions;

You are the fragment of your might!!!

Rice field,+Ubud,+Bali+2.JPG

The grains today are expensive,
The new markets are gold;
And when the plonk takes over;
Our mind reduces to thoughts,
Yes! They all come to see me when I am home,
The rice field all along!

I get down from the airplane to meet my family,
With loads of happiness for I long,
Sadness for I missed all the songs;
Who is taking you home!
Acquaintances and friends,
All along!
And when the time comes;
Tears rolling down the eyes,
Sometimes truths are all lies,
Among the rice field I rise!

When the reality of change strikes,
You are where you once belong;
And when you drive along,
Days get shorter memories long!
I just broke down again,
This is not the usual pain,
I craved for it! Disdain!
I withdraw and I can feel the rain,
Inside me!
What did I lost and I don’t know my gain??

Half Way!


Half way from childhood and half way to death,
I look at my epoch, am I too late?
I advocate my deeds in my own court,
I am the judge, my verdict, I wrote!
I am the journey, I am the road.

Darkness is absence of light;
Bondage – when no one fights,
Flawed – When you are not right;
Browbeaten- When there is no stride!

Our ingenuity is no different than many,
Few never discovered themselves till the end;
Opportunity lies in the edge and sometimes in the bend,
Your expeditions never end when you stop;
Never when you drift off,
Sometimes you find yourself when you are lost!
In the epicentre of humanity
There is hope,

Half way through life I ride,
With more vigour against all tide;
Sanity multiplied all the way;

Today it’s my sun and I make my hay!!!

Sunday, December 11, 2016



Man in chain
Life is vain;
Man of ignorance,
Why not tolerance!
Man of change,
What is your range?
Man of might
Turn on the light;
Man of purpose,
Hatred! Dispose!
Man of attitude,
Burn those latitudes,
Man of Power,
Man in rise,
Cool that ice!
Man of science,
Wipe those eyes,
Man of war,
Raise your bar

Close your eyes;
Your universe is awakening
When the sun light hits the horizon;
You may find your reason!

Friday, December 9, 2016

Moving the Sun

Moving the Sun

 Image result for beautiful ocean sunset

 You are on the edge, not on the run;
Every moment in life and in every turn,
Hope is the rope, you learn;
Many in the streets,
Blazing gun!
You ought to move the sun.

Where is the attorney,
Counsellor of time;
You are the rain weakening the dark cloud,
Every step of yours, loud, progressive and stout!
There is cure or there is none;
You are now moving the sun.

You are in the middle of a bombing run,
Too many bloodshed in the chicken run;
Glory to many a mother’s sun,
There is life or there is none;
Today you have hit the home run;
Today you are moving the sun.



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