Thursday, July 30, 2015


You move with the wind and flow with the river,
This habitat has engulfed my soul,
I can feel my thoughts and the words within,
And the pristine loam took me to its world.

I slept by the tree with curious life around,
Some endangered and few in abundance;
I saw love everywhere and in the marine,
The moonlight and the stars swayed.

I celebrated life once again,
And the aura I carry back with me;
Returning home was always a compulsion for survival;
From that wilderness to this concrete jungle.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Saluting the great man- APJ ABDUL KALAM

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You burned those bridges never to return,
bedazzled the ugly political stamp;
You redefined humbleness,
Never resigned!

Embodied humanity and enshrined their rights in every treaty,
Opening gates to smiling faces for every garden you owned;
Untiring – every moment you honed,
Every bit of your breathe immortalised,
You live in every youth of this mighty nation,
You – the educator and a preacher,
You – A life lesson!

You spoke to the skies with towering lights,
Flying above the ocean and beyond the horizon;
You radiated harmony;
You embalmed the poor,
Your never belonged to the community,
Never to colours;
You were the gardens of infinite flowers!
Igniting the young in every walk of life,
Igniting old in your own device;
Igniting beyond a nation,
Today you are the sunset!
And you will always rise!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

On Board!

When the steeds prevailed;
Lugging life to the known and unknown;
Conversation with the wind and rapidity revealed!
Many a lover flew with the wind;

Time changes and brings in new,
Life! Renew!!
They saw the steam from the gargantuan machine,
Never had a living snail raced;
Wafting the breeze from both side,
The railroads crossed all state!
Defining and re-defining mobility;
Crisscrossing life and humanity;
The engine arrived!

From the gold diggers to the slaves in the continents,
From sub-Sahara to the Himalayan plateau;
Life resonated at the thrill of speed!
The train roared on its beat;
The silent rail roads like separated lovers;
Travel along, never to meet!

Today when I decide to board,
This symbol of hope;
And I look back in time,
I am intercepted;
Something plays with my mind;
Millions of lives inside its belly,
Destination dwarfed, always a rally;

Time has changed,
It always is!
The newer breed and defying speed;
Crossing landmasses and crossing seas,
Changing landscape in blinking eye;
Thumping heartbeat,
Not a lie!!!


Rearing and nurturing a bud,
Wondering the outcome?
Do not judge me from behind your eyes!
Do not be a critic; it could be all is a lie;
Circumstances are the labour of birth!
Every footprint an outcome,
Harnessed by the nature from all end,
Do not camouflage your hardback;
With letters dug from the grave!
Words and syllables catered with great care,
To write the destiny of a few;
Do not Judge them by the colour!
Do not be unwitting!!!
Unwilling to unlearn;
Unfurl your anger, undo those hallucinations!
Crafted with hatred in the middle of the night;
Let there be Light!

Rise as the soldier in the battlefield!
Rise like the sun from the depth of the sea!
Rise like the child from the mother’s breast!
Rise for your brothers!
Rise for their sake!

The fewest in the knolls away from life,
Never been touched except for the frost;
They have a lord!
Rise today! Let’s pray our thoughts!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Daffadowndilly - Reawakening

You resurrected your views,
Who prescribed to them?
Who is inveigled by the news!
Some other day!
Some other time;
We are moving ahead,
Might get late,
The transition would complete soon;
This place would see its real boom,
When the young flowers bloom.

There is an insane madness in freedom,
Sometimes it’s good to be unreasonable;
Unbeatable and unstoppable,
Those with a living dream at the death of night;
In darkness there is light,
Death is just without life;
Death is when you do not rise!?
Death is when you sleep when you are right;
Death is when you lack your inner might!

You cannot bury your hatchet without digging,
Cannot lose without bidding;
Inundated by questions without reasoning,
Life, sometimes needs some seasoning,
You cannot bury your hatchet without digging,
Pronounce your verdict without thinking!
The gold standard for bigotry is sometimes just ‘perception’;
A mission page in a glorified lesson?

Friday, July 17, 2015


White Black yellow and brown;
From the Savannah to this town,
Who invented the wheel?
Today’s thrill!

If you can’t measure the sea,
Be the fish and test the water;
If you can’t measure the heat,
Be the sun spread some light,
If your mind get lost in the tide;
Let your heart be the guide,
Sometime when you are lonely at night;
You still have your shadow to argue and fight,

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